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Thread: ~RASCAL~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in NJ/Mid Atlantic area

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    Default ~RASCAL~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in NJ/Mid Atlantic area


    About Rascal
    This is Rascal, my English Bulldog foster. He was an owner surrender. This poor dog came with what we thought were "allergies" according to the owner, however, his anal glands had abscessed and ruptured. He was dripping fecal matter and blood, for who knows how long. His rear end was caked in it. He came on a Sunday and I had no clue what the problem was, only that I drove home for 1/2 hr smelling this putrid smell wondering what was wrong with this poor dog, getting angrier by the minute at the owner. I took pictures when I got home and messaged them to my vet. I had already scheduled an appt for him, when I knew he was coming, but not until the following week. When I sent the pictures to Dr Clements asking what it was and only had an appt the following week, he responded for me to call first thing Monday morning "WE WILL FIT HIM IN". I did, dropped him off, they checked him when they could, called me, and scheduled him for surgery the next day to remove the anal glands. He had a very bad infection because of it, so when I brought him home, we dealt with the surgery and the infection and he got all better.
    He continued to get infections in his ears and we also found he had a deep tail pocket. The tail pocket was just a matter of daily cleaning, but the ears would clear up temporarily then he would have infection. After trying to clear the ear infections with medication, it was determined he needed surgery on them. He had surgery again in October to remove the tail pocket, which consisted of removing part of the tail. When Dr C got to the ears, he said they were a mess. They were like rock, the further down he went. Therefore, he had to have a Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA) to remove the ear canals. He also had a dental at that time as well. We surmised if he's going to go under, they may as well get it all done at once. Poor Rascal spent 4 weeks recuperating from that. I had no idea how involved it would be, but he had oozing ears full of sutures and a tail too. He was at the vet, sutures are out, tail looks GREAT, the pocket is gone, and the ears look really good too. Doc says, he should have no more issues with infection with either of them. He is now good to go.

    Rascal is 8 years old. He is a very mellow, and sweet boy who lived a sad life for those 8 yrs. He was vetted as a puppy for puppy shots, back in 2006. He had cherry eye surgery in 2008. He was not vetted again until 2012 for allergies. The allergy was due to flea bites because he was full of fleas. He was given flea shampoo and owners were to take him back to be rechecked in 2 weeks, but they never did. His owners sure didn't know much about dogs, much less bulldogs. He was locked away in the basement for most of the day, while they worked.
    He has been with me since June and has transformed from a poor pathetic broken dog, into a sweet loving boy, who loves to be with you. He just loves to be loved now! He needs a home to live out the rest of his life with caring, loving people, who won't lock him away and be gone all day. I want him to be the center of attention and very loved. He seems to be dog selective, so he should be an only dog. But, he is great with kids, cats, and people. He likes walks, but 2 blocks is good for him. He loves car rides, He has a big head full of wrinkles and so soft and mushy. I just love kissing him. He is fully vetted. 10 yrs is typically considered old, for an EB. Rascal still has some spunk in him if you get him wound up. But he prefers to lay somewhere cushy, and food. Those are his 2 most favorite things. He is fully and totally housebroken. Has never had an accident while with me. He goes out to do his business, but likes to come right back in. He loves to lay in front of the fan, when it's hot outside, even with the A/C on. He is a good, good, boy. No problem at all to have. I don't crate him, as he can be trusted when I go away. I groom from my home, so I am home for the most part, but when I do go away, he is fine in the house. He is located in Lebanon, PA,
    Can your family give Rascal the love he deserves?

    Update: I have been adopted.

    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Midatlantic Bulldog Rescue

    Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News!
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