This beautiful guy's name is Sir Winston II. But he seems to like to be called "Big Poppa". We think he deserves to be called whatever he likes best. So we're going with Big Poppa!

Big Poppa is 5 years young and has a heart murmur and cyanosis which is common in dogs with long term heart health issues. Cyanosis is low oxygen in the blood and they tend to get bluish gums and tongue. This does not stop him and he can lead a normal life. He is full of energy, playful, cuddly and a very happy guy.

Everyone who has met Sir Winston so far says he is an amazing guy and report that he is a butt-wagger extraordinaire! He has been great with everyone he has met, including kids!

How To Adopt:

Please go to this page at Bullies 2 the Rescue website to find out more about their adoption process.


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