Hi everyone my name is Buzz and I am a senior bullie who will turn 10 years old on June 10th 2013. Bullies 2 the Rescue saved me in the nick of time- a day before my former owners were going to have me euthanized at the vetís office. No, I am not sick. In fact I am in PERFECT health. You see my former owners took me from someone else when I was 3 because I was too rowdy for the kids in the home. Then almost 7 years later after they became pregnant they decided they could not keep me anymore. Thank goodness B2TR stepped up for me or my life would be over.

My foster mom calls me Buzz Simmons because she says I am the bullie version of Richard Simmons. Yes that is correct I am a senior bullie who loves exercise. I walk 2 miles every day with my foster mom. I am a perfect gentleman on our walks and ignore the other dogs in the neighborhood. I just love being outside and exploring with my human. I keep telling the younger bullies in my foster home they need to get off of their lazy bums and exercise if they want to look as a good as me when they get older. I think I may have to check into making my own work-out video for bullies and their humans.

Another amazing thing about me? Well, I am perfectly housetrained and do not need to be crated. I do not bother a thing in the house while my humans are away. I am even gentle with all my stuffed toys. I do not shred them like other bullies. I prefer to knead them and carry them around like little babies. My favorite toys are my stuffed pigs that make pig sounds. I have 6 of them and they are my most prized possessions. Stuffed pigs are a must in my forever home. I love to play tug with my human. I will pick up my tug rope and swing it back in forth in front of my human until they realize they want to play tug as much as I do. (hehehe- I am quite persuasive )

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