Sweet doesn't even BEGIN to describe this guy! What a doll! Otis is a classic case of way too many meds for allergies in the past and he is simply immune to them. He came to us in October 2012 and was eating a food that he is also allergic to His owners were very sad to let him go but knew it was in Otis' best interest.

Otis is in a absolutely awesome foster home & receiving that one on one attention every Bullie deserves. He is very mellow, easy going and is beginning to be quite playful! He is your stereotypical Bulldog and this guy just wants to be close to you!

He is beginning a total body detox. He has been seen by our vet and it appears he has had extended period of ulcers and ear infections. The long term effects of those are still unknown. He is eating a raw diet now & slowly weaning from the meds to allow his body a chance to get stronger on his own and ultimately fight off infections without resorting to medicine every time.

Otis will be a slow improvement but baby steps are what we look for and we are seeing TONS of those in just a few short weeks! We look forward to many more baby steps because Otis is completely wonderbull

If you would like to give Otis a FOREVER home, please fill out our ADOPTION APPLICATION or if you have already filled one out, please CONTACT US with your interest.

Please go to this page at Bullies 2 the Rescue website to find out more about their adoption process.


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