About Sunny Girl

Sunny is in Maryland, but to the right family she can be brought to a meeting. Reasonable distance in the Northeast. Sunny Girl is a loved and well cared for family pet.
Spencer’s Sunny Girl
Sunny is a pure bred, Olde English Bulldogge extraordinaire and all-round talented gal who has a generational pedigree dating back several years from well-known breeders such as Sullivan’s and Greenly’s
4 years ago, when she was born. She found herself in a family home with lots of kids. She fit right in. And has been a member of the family since she was 9 weeks old.
Along the way she’s blazed new trails with her unnerving ability to play dress up with preschoolers, take 12hr car rides, and hang out with the new Bull Mastiff on the block. Whether she’s protecting the house, or watching Animal Planet on the couch, Sunny will let you know she cares.
The neighbors and family members whom she knows daily say they love her for her amazing training, stunning good looks and incredible sense of family. And the feeling is mutual. At least until her uncanny glitch to attack any small dog in her sight make it a challenge, or, more importantly, the reason why we need to find her a new home.
Sunny has a dream. A big fenced in yard, no small dogs, a loving family. But for now she’s into loving humans, so if she takes on your home you can consider yourself protected and loved --Forever.
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Update: I've been ADOPTED!

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