Chopper is a neutered adult male English bulldog. He is in pretty good health as per his last vet visit in April 2014, with some minor ear issues, and some blisters/cysts on his feet. He seems to love getting his ears clean and having ear drops put in, and his feet improve greatly with Epsom soaks, so his health should continue to improve without excessive maintenance. He does snore, but does not have breathing difficulties during walks or play.
Personality-wise, he is friendly towards dogs and new people. While walking through the neighborhood, he will often greet strangers, and, if they show interest, roll over and ask for belly rubs. He is calm and patient with small dogs, and playful with larger ones. He loves playing fetch and tug-of-war, and is quite strong. He will make sure you know if you're not playing with him enough, as he does get bored. That being said, he likes to nap in a sunbeam like many other bulldogs, and we sometimes have to literally drag him to the door for a walk.
He is pretty independent, and is fine being left alone for a few hours without barking, whining, chewing, or accidents He is Housebroken. He doesn't chew up shoes or furniture, but does occasionally decide that random objects, such as hand weights or plastic bottles, are toys, and can be stubborn about giving them up. Chopper knows basic commands (e.g., sit, stay and lie down) and learned them very quickly. He is pretty easy to walk on a leash, he doesn't pull or mark.
Chopper would be an excellent fit for an active couple or family who likes to spend time at the park or in the backyard.


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