Abbey is very sweet and very people-oriented. She follows her foster mom around the house like a shadow, and loves curling up on the floor near her feet whenever the family is relaxing on the couch. She is also very affectionate, and loves to give kisses. There are two other dogs in the home, a lab and a Chihuahua, and Apple gets along great with them both. She walks well on the leash and does not pull. Longer walks tire her out pretty well-she takes long naps afterwards. She will go into a crate voluntarily when the door is open, but will bark when the door is closed, because she does not like being separated from the people in the house. She gets a little nervous around loud noises, and can be wary around young children, but warms up to them after a little while. She is a very good eater, eating both dry and wet and does not beg for human food at all. Apparently she also does not take much interest in toys, and really enjoys going in the car.

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