Hi, everybully. My name is Tutti and this is my buddy Doc (he is the white one). We are older and have lived together our entire lives. Our mom passed away and our dad got sick and had to move in with family. He was really sad to give us up but they didn't have room for us, too. He is older and was having a hard time taking care of us without our mom anyway, so we called HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue and some angels came to get us.

First things first we got manicures & pedicures and boy, did we need them. I was missing some hair on my back but it's already starting to grow back with the TLC we are getting in our foster home! We get baths and skin treatments and lots of love. Doc's eyes get kind of goopy so he gets eye drops twice daily, furever but it's no big deal. I make sure he holds his head just right so you can put them in.

Foster mama says we are both very, very sweet (she's right!) Doc is super mellow more so than me, I know what I want and I want it! (A girl has to speak up for herself) I run the show and make sure Doc knows what to do. For example, I love to go on walks. Doc would be just as happy to take care of business and go back inside the house! Silly Doc.

We are both in good shape and get around just fine we go up and down a flight of stairs at our foster home and we don't mind at all (as long as we get a little encouragement, you have to train humans early)

WE MUST BE ADOPTED TOGETHER. Doc would be lost without me, and to be honest, I would miss him so much. We are really bonded and love each other very much. We are good with well-behaved, dog-savvy children. We do not want to live with children who will hit us or tease us. I do not like other dogs, so we need a no-other-dog home for sure.

We love our toys, but we are mostly loungers, and would be happy to hang out and snooze with you! We know humans need company when they watch TV and take naps. We are used to being around people so our foster family thinks we would be happiest with people who spend time at home.

We would be a great addition to your family if you're looking for BULLY LOVE.

Update: I've been ADOPTED!

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