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Thread: Ralphie @ Maurice~~Available For Adoption in the New Jersey Area

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    Default Ralphie @ Maurice~~Available For Adoption in the New Jersey Area

    Our names are Ralphie and Maurice and we are two adoraBULL brothers. We have some minor special physical needs, but our story is compelling (at least we think so, and the girls at HeavenSent do, too!) So here goes:

    My name is Ralphie and I'm going to tell you our story.
    We were very lucky to find our foster mom. She has been fostering us since she got us through a doggy doctor (“vet” in human language) in December 2012, and we were almost dead. Our foster mommy loves us a whole lot, but her time to care for us is running out. She recently had to have some major surgery and she says is no longer physically able to care for us “as good as we deserve.” We love her so much! But we understand and want her to feel good - as good as she made us feel by nursing us back to health!!

    We are approximately two years old and have typical bulldog needs, plus a bit more, due to our sad story. We were abandoned in October 2012 and like we said above, we nearly died. We were obviously beaten, starved and without even basic care. Foster Mom’s vet friend treated us VERY generously for mites and other visible problems, gave us a full set of shots and tested us up and down to make sure there were no other issues. (At the same time, we got the N word – neutered). He also started to get us fattened up again, which we REALLY needed. We liked that part a LOT!! Once we got a disease-free bill of health, our foster mom brought us to her home. (She has two Yorkies that are 2 and 4 lbs and didn’t want them to catch whatever we might have had.)

    As it turns out, Maurice is deaf and has food allergies and thinks that he should eat anything you put in front of him in five minutes or less. Foster mommy taught him basic hand signals and used a slow feeding bowl to teach him to slow down. She also loved him up to pieces because, she says, he is a MAJOR MUSHY MAN. He is adapting well. He is house trained but stays in a cage more then I like since he does not understand my small dogs and thinks they are chew toys and the only way to protect them from HARMLESS play (because they are so tiny and he is 65 lbs) I am MADLY in love with him, but it will not work as he needs to be free of a cage and able to get more love then I can give him.

    Maurice Mushy Man relies on me (Ralphie) for a lot of things, but I was somewhat traumatized myself before we were taken away from a vicious owner. I have a couple of little bald spots that will probably never grow back and my face is partially paralyzed on one side. Foster mommy says the best way of feeding me so I don’t get the bloat or vomit is to hand or spoon feed me.
    Foster Mommy says I looks like an old time actor from Brooklyn, so she named me Ralphie. I am very loving but more distant that Mushy Maurice. I will protect my brother Maurice and my food. I never mind the hand (or spoon) that feeds me, but even Maurice needs to keep a distance while I am eating.


    These two brothers I know will be true blue to an owner that can dote on them as they will dote on the owner. They play in the yard and have minor skirmishes just as siblings do. But they also have quiet LOVEY time and are Super Snugglers. I am running out of time. I want them to be only in the very best home. They are so special and I don’t want anyone to ever hurt them again.

    MAURICE AND RALPHIE's adoption will be limited to the New Jersey, Southeastern PA, Delaware and Maryland area.

    Update: We've been ADOPTED!

    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Heaven Sent Bulldog Rescue

    Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News!
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