Available Bulldog: Lucy VI

Name: Lucy VI
Age: 1
Gender: Female
Location: St. Louis, MO

Reason given up for adoption:
Death of Owner


Health Condition:

Placement Limitations:
fenced yard

Special Needs:

Contact Information:
STLBulldog@Gmail.com, St. Louis Bulldog Rescue

Lucy VI came into rescue when her daddy died unexpectedly. She is a very cute girl, but she comes from a commercial breeder in southern Missouri and really doesn't look like a purebred Bulldog....but a lot of the Bulldogs from there don't have the "Bulldog Look" as the breeders are breeding for them to be able to "Free Whelp" so they don't have to pay for a Cesarean.

Lucy is cute and sweet, but she was sold through PetLand and since her owner became ill, she needs work on her house-training. If she is taken outside after she eats and as soon as she wakes up, she is clean, but she is still learning to let you know when she needs to potty. She is very clean in her crate. Lucy loves everyone! Dogs, children, people...loves them all! She is very healthy and active and would love to have a dog brother who wants to romp and play!

Update: I've been ADOPTED!

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