Status: Available
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Location: Twin Cites area, MN

Reason given up for adoption: Incompatibility with new family situation
Temperament: good, but has some anxiety issues in certain circumstances
Health Condition: very good, possible mild allergy issues
Placement Limitations: no children, fenced yard
Special Needs: No

Winnie is a sweet girl. One of her favorite things to do is to cuddle on the couch; however her former owners were first-time dog owners and first time bulldog owners and made some training mistakes with her. As a result, she started to develop some bad habits. She has been in foster care for quite some time and she has improved. She has been evaluated by a behaviorist, and her new family will have to continue with the recommended training methods. A thorough report was given to us by the behaviorist and that will be shared with anyone who is a good match for Winnie.

Winnie will require a family with considerable “dog experience”, preferably a family that has owned Bulldogs or other strong-willed breeds and that has had some experience with training dogs. Winnie will require further training to continue to desensitize her in certain situations that she finds stressful. When she first came into rescue, Winnie was resource guarding of her food bowl, and is nervous when meeting new people particularly when she’s near the front door. She has improved considerably about her resource guarding, and meeting new people but still requires further training.

Winnie is a typical hard headed girl, and gets along well with her foster “brother”, but can be bossy towards him at times. Because of this we are looking to place Winnie into a home with no other dogs or possibly a calm, older male dog that will ignore her posturing.

Winnie was new to living with cats at her foster house, so leaning to live with 3 with very different personalities was hard. She’s is much better and has become more tolerant of the cats, but they do make her nervous as they seemingly “pop out from nowhere”. Winnie’s foster “mom” said she’d do best with just one confident cat that is not afraid of her. She is well house-trained and also crate-trained.

In the right environment, Winnie could be a great Bullie buddy. Although she has some areas that need improvement, she has many great qualities and deserves a special “forever home”. If you feel you meet the requirements and are willing to invest some time using positive reinforcement methods to encourage Winnie to become a calm, confident companion please fill out the online application.

We request that fill out the online application before inquiring about Winnie as this saves time in the long run. Anyone inquiring about Winnie who has not filled out the application online prior to emailing may not receive a response. We do not ship dogs, please do not ask. We prefer to place Winnie within a two hours’ drive of the Twin Cities metro.

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