Meet Achilles!

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I am Achilles – the hero of your heart. As the Greek myth states, I am strong, loyal, courageous, and I respond to the nickname Little Stink. Well, maybe the last one is only for me. I am a mellow four year-old guy who enjoys kids, adults, and other dogs. I am recently neutered and I breathe so much better after my palette surgery. I grew up in a house where I was in a crate for 22 hours a day and when I was out I was tugged on, things were thrown about, and the noises were loud. I might jump on you if you are loud to let you know I don’t like it or flinch if something flies a little too close, but I am learning that not everything is a danger. Well, except for vacuums – I have to attack those, but who doesn’t? I do not need toys to entertain me and I am happy to relax outside, but I will not bark when I want to come in so please remember where you left me. I am your champion companion who wants to go on car rides, sit on the couch with you – after I remove the pillows, and lay on your chest to let you know you are my one and only. Instead of one weakness, I have a few that I should share with you: I like to jump up and turn on the stove burners, I will eat the soap in your bathtub if you leave it out, and I will raid the fridge if you give me half a chance. I am ready to be your hero so please fill out an application at Detroit Bulldog Rescue.

No children under 8 years old please.
Must be within reasonable driving distance from Southeast MI
Adoption fee $500.00

How To Adopt:

Please view the adoption process and fill out an application at their website --->

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Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News!