About Candie
Hey everyone, it's Candie checking in again! You might notice that my post is now separate from Miss Cricket's. After we had some time to adjust in our foster home, our foster mom realized that we really weren't bonded after all and we actually weren't even interested in each other. Sooo we are now open to families looking to add a solo bulldog lady to their family!

OK so how about a little refresher all about me? I'm a sweet, petite little golden girl at 9 years young! You wouldn't even guess my age, though. Just like a fine wine, I have gotten even better with age! I did need to have some pesky teeth removed, but I feel SO much better without them. And I'm still just as beautiful, if I do say so myself!

My favorite past time is sleeping and, like a lot of humans, I'm really just not a morning girl. While I do seem to have the bladder of a camel, it's important for you to pay attention to me so that I can let you know when it's my potty time! When a girl's gotta go, she's gotta go!

Along with napping, I just LOVE to snuggle, I'm a great couch snuggler, bed snuggler, floor snuggler, pretty much a wherever-you-want-to-be snuggler. If you're there (wherever that is), I'll be there to snuggle right up next to you and drift off for a nice bully snooze. As far as activities go (does sleeping count as an activity?), my favorite is going for car rides. I just love going in the car! I'm also really curious and like to check stuff out, so a leash is a definite must when I'm out and about strutting my stuff.

Well, guys, I think it's *yawn* getting to be about that time...you know, time for me to get some beauty rest. If you think you could provide a loving home for me and a nice couch to nap on, please fill out an adoption application at BCARN - Welcome!.



Please view the adoption process and fill out an application at their website ---> detroitbulldogrescue.org

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