Meet Henry

Meet Henry!

This Old English Bulldog sure has a gentle soul, but still loves to play. Sadly, Henry hasn't had much of a life before NOBR. We think he was confined to a kennel for extended periods of time and wasn't really sure how to be a pet and love people.

Fast forward and he is quickly learning all types of affection! Henry loves to play bow, is eager for scratches and belly rubs, and is generally grateful for anything you give him-- food, toys, blankets, attention, etc...

Henry does have lingering health issues. He will need eye drops perhaps the rest of his life, and also has two blown knees for which we are evaluating surgery options. The good news is that he is still relatively young (5-6 years old), and definitely has the attitude of a tough-guy fighter. oh and that underbite!

We are looking for a special family for Henry, someone who can help continue his road to getting healthier, and spoil him as he deserves after a tough few years. To meet him, join us at our February adoption event on 2/9 at Wrong Iron on the Greenway.

All of our dogs come fully-vaccinated, temperament-tested, and resources to set you and your dog up for success when adopting. Thank you for your support of our rescue!


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