About La la

La La is a special needs dog that we haven't posted much about until now. Prior to rescue, La La was a yard dog who was not treated very nicely. She came to us with sores all over her body, skin/eye/ear infections, and other issues. As she has started to heal, La La has become more and more relaxed and affectionate. However, she still has moments where she gets nervous easily, and has learned that growling at people will make them respect her space. She is learning that people in her life now are not the same ones who hurt her.

We have no doubt that La La will eventually be a very social pet. Even though she is unsure at times, she craves love, looks to the other dog in her foster home for attention, and has already made great improvements from when she was terrified to leave the kennel. An ideal adopter for her would be a family committed to rehabilitation exercises and understanding her limitations (i.e. not raising your arms quickly around her), another dog in the home to make her more comfortable, and no small children (though this restriction may change in time). La La will not be at our adoption evens, but is available for private introductions. For more info, email NewOrleansBulldogs@gmail.com.


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