Romeo and Juliet are two of the sweetest bullies you will ever meet. In true bulldog fashion, they are very affectionate and love on their people and each other, they love to play games, eat, go for walks and then fall into a deep sleep. Romeo and Juliet were surrendered to us after their “owner” was finished breeding them and didn’t feel like taking care of them. As a result of this neglect, both dogs entered our care with a variety of health issues (mainly skin, eye, ear infections) that will cost us thousands of dollars. Fortunately, both dogs will make a full recovery and for the first time will become members of a family rather than a money-making scheme.

Both Romeo and Juliet possess the perfect bully temperament – happy/loving/goofy/patient/affectionate/and more. They have been through a lot together and remain incredibly bonded so we will adopt them out as a pair only.

Wanna Adopt?

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