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    My bullie wandered outside the gate and I think picked up by someone on Sunday April 30th, 2013 in Homestead, Fl (Miami South Fl area). He is 4 years old, has problems on left eye, uses drops daily or will go blind. He is white with black markings, has distinct 3 on his left back and a heart shape on his front right shoulder area. We are very worried about him and hopefully whoever has him will take him to a vet for his eye.
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    @savemejeebus.. @desertskybulldogs

    Im so sorry! Have you checked all the normal any Bully rescues in your area! I tagged a couple people so we can get an alert out. We have a few members in Florida too.. @Bella'sMom. . @KMARINO
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    I sent out an email to all the members with the info you provided. If you'd like me to add more details such as his name or phone number where people can reach you, pls don't hesitate to send me a pm!

    Praying that we'll find your bully soon!
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