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Thread: French Bulldog Missing in Riverside, CA !!

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    Default French Bulldog Missing in Riverside, CA !!

    Missing French Bulldog!
    "Mala" Is Missing

    In Riverside,California
    (Hunt Park's Recreation Center)
    Bulldog Friend & Owner

    A bulldog is missing at this point and taken without the owners permission. WE needyour "help and eyes" to see if we can get this bulldog home. Whoever has this bulldog may be trying to take the dog to a local vet for medical treatment "if found injured", offering the dog up for breeding, selling the dogs in the parking lot of a gas station or a selling in the parking lot of pet store. There is even a chance he might turn up in an animal shelter near you.

    If sold to someone, the new owner make take the dog to a vet offices to update shots and check on the health of the dog. A new family may show up at a local dog park or in a pet store to buy new goodies for a new family pet.

    Stolen dogs are often driven out of the area or given to someone that can take the dog elsewhere for sale or given away.

    Bulldogs always garner a lot of attention and someone will remember seeing one or both of these dogs or hearing of someone offering a 'great deal' on these dogs As part of the bulldog community, someone may mention hearing about this bulldog in passing thinking your should know or could offer some advice on the dog.

    Any bulldog missing or stolen should be of importance to us all. If thefts and unreturned missing bulldogs are left unchecked or not noticed, it puts other bulldogs at risk for being taken too.

    Please share this story on your twitters, facebook and forward to a friend!

    My name is Erin, I live in Riverside, and my stepmothers French Bulldog got out last night. We searched for the dog and got information from a couple who was walking and saw her get picked up in a Blue Honda last night around 5:45pm in front of Hunt Park's recreation center. I have made flyers and posted in this area and have posted listings on craigslist. I also checked the humane society and am not having any luck. I also have called the veternarian clinics in my area, and I talked to the lady at Dr. Butchko's office and she advised me to contact your agency and get in touch with Val.
    Here is the description of the dog:
    Name: Mala
    French Bulldog
    6 1/2 yrs of age
    White with black markings
    She is fixed but no tags or microchip
    Attached pictures to follow
    Contact: Erin Cisneros [replacer_a]
    or Joni Shepherd
    (951) 533-3501

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    Default Re: French Bulldog Missing in Riverside, CA !!

    My prayers are with Mala and her family during this time! I Pray she returns home safe and soon! I know exactly what your going through but try to stay positive! All the best

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