Rory is Adoption Ready
Intake type: Owner Surrender
Intake date: 04/30/2016
Age: 5 years
Gender: Female
Weight: 27 lbs
Energy level: High
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with kids: Yes
Object aggression: None
Special needs: None noted
Medications: Benadryl
Crate trained: Partially
House trained: No
Adoption fee: $450

Rory is part of the Miracle Six. Rory is so happy to have a new life after her rescue that she never stops wiggling her bum! She is always excited and full of energy! Rory is nothing but joyous when her human comes home, so much so that she even gets airborne in attempts to give kisses. Rory is experiencing nearly everything for the first time and although she can be very cautious and hesitant about all these new things, she is a very brave girl and warms up quickly.
Rory is extremely food motivated due to a lifetime of being underfed. She is still learning that she will be fed regularly, so mealtimes are always frenzy and she never stops searching for snacks. Rory is not yet housebroken but she is mostly pad trained and is making good progress in learning to go outside. She has a love/hate relationship with her crate, since she has spent her in life in one but also feels safe there. She is slowly learning to view it as a refuge.
Rory has the energy of a puppy, as she likely never got to be one. She has taken some time to settle down and may now be ready to start training. She knows no commands, but since she is heavily food motivated, she should be easy to teach! She has already learned to be mostly responsive to “no” and “down.”
Rory came to IBR in need of medical attention. She was severely underweight, dehydrated, and also had dual cherry eyes, stenotic nares, an elongated soft palate, and needed to be spayed. She had been used for breeding, although the amount of litters she birthed is unknown. Rory recently had surgery to address all her needs and is now on the mend. Her ongoing medical needs are unknown, but she appears to have skin or seasonal allergies and may require regular Benadryl. She has two luxating patellas, but they do not seem to bother her or slow her down.
Rory doesn’t yet understand toys and isn’t much of a chewer, so she will need taught how to play and keep herself entertained. She does well with other dogs and may benefit from having another dog in the home to show her the ropes. She would do fine as an only dog if you’re willing to play! She loves children and a home with kids would be ideal for her. She can be fearful, but when her bravery kicks in, she has nothing but curiosity, love, and excitement to offer. Rory is as sweet as can be and is looking for forever home!


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