Sammy is on Adoption Ready
Intake type: Owner Surrender
Intake date: 12/03/2015
Age: 8 years
Gender: Male
Weight: 61 lbs
Energy level: Low
Good with other dogs: No
Good with cats: Yes
Good with kids: No
Object aggression: Sammy does have some guarding tendencies while crated or in his bed. He needs to be given ample time to exit, on his own terms. Treats sometimes help speed up the process. His favorite treats are all natural mini-hot dogs / sausages and low fat string cheese!
Special needs: None noted
Medications: Sammy takes:
— 40mg Fluoxetine daily ($12/month)
— 1mg (0.5mg x 2) of Soloxine daily ($10/month)
— Joint supplement with each meal
— Monthly HW/flea/tick preventitive
Crate trained: Yes
House trained: Yes
Adoption fee: $350

Sammy is a calm Olde English Bullie boy, who was surrendered to IBR with a severely infected tail, which was amputated, and chronic ear infections. He also suffer from dry eye and occasional head tremors.
Sammy turned 8 on December 27, 2015 and definitely has the energy level of an older Bullie boy. He is content lounging on a soft dog bed or a cool tile floor most of the day. He does get occasional spurts of energy in the evening and will let his foster mom know when he is up for playing with his favorite stuffed alligator toy. Sammy is definitely NOT a morning guy! He can be a little grumpy and vocal, if rushed to get moving in the morning. His foster mom has found that he will get up with less, fuss for a piece of hot dog or bite of cheese. Sammy definitely has some arthritis but his daily joint supplements seem to lessen his discomfort in the mornings. Due to his joint discomfort, it will be best for Sammy to sleep on a soft dog bed and not have to get up and down from his human’s bed.
Sammy does require daily ear flushes for reoccurring ear infections. He does not like to have his ears flushed but now trusts his foster mom and doesn’t put up as much of a fuss. He doesn’t mind having his ears wiped out, in the evenings, with baby wipes. He does have a narrowed ear canal (right ear) from chronic infection. Due to this, he may, occasionally, require a sedated cleaning/antibiotic packing, at the vet.
The evenings are when Sammy is the most affectionate and loves to have attention. After dinner, he loves to lay in his bed and have his paws rubbed. He gives lots of kisses and loves to have his foster mom’s undivided attention. He is also a very well mannered boy. He sits for his food and knows how to shake. He takes treats very gently and does not jump up on people. Sammy is a great leash walker, when he chooses to go on walks. He doesn’t pull at all.
Sammy absolutely loves to go on car rides! New people and new places are his absolute favorites! His foster mom has to be very careful not to say the word “car” within earshot of Sammy! He will pace and bark and lay on a full guilt trip if he thinks he is going somewhere, but has to stay home.

Due to his more sedentary lifestyle, and stubborn bulldog personality, Sammy will be best suited for a home without children and as the only dog. He does seem to get along well with cats, but we are unsure if he has lived with one. He would do best with a family who works from home or is retired. He really needs time to get going in the mornings and needs a calm and quiet home, that will understand and love him.
Please consider sponsoring Sammy’s medication or inquiring further about this special bullie boy!


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