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Thread: ~Humphries & Maggie~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

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    Default ~Humphries & Maggie~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana


    Humphries and Maggie are Owner Surrenders
    Intake Date: 04/21/15
    Last Update: 06/13/15
    Location: Indianapolis, IN
    Age: Humpries is 8 & Maggie is 6
    Gender: Altered Male & Female
    Weight: Humphries is 64 & Maggie is 60 lbs
    Energy Level: Medium Low
    Color: Humphries is Fawn/White & Maggie is Brindle/White
    Good with other dogs: Yes
    Good with cats: Unknown
    Good with kids: Yes
    Object Aggression: None for Humphries. Maggie has a dominant personality - steals, hides and guards toys when first given. Seems to relax over time.
    Special needs: None
    Medications: Monthly heartworm and flea preventative
    Crate Trained: Yes
    House Trained: Yes
    Adoption Fee: TBD
    Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies


    Humphries & Maggie are a bonded bullie pair. They MUST be adopted together, they will not be separated.

    Humphries & Maggie are sweet, friendly, affectionate and well-trained. They romp and play like puppies together at times.

    Humphries wants to be your constant companion, by your side wherever you go and touching you if possible. He will gently place his paw on you to remind you to pet him. He goes to his crate when told, is easy to walk and potties outside perfectly. He knows "sit," "no" and "get down."

    He has an adorable tail nub and only shallow facial wrinkles, so maintenance is fairly simple. He does NOT like being held for shots or toenail trimming. He has a scar on each hind leg from removal of fatty tumors. He has not been fed human food and does not beg at the table. His sensitive stomach and gassiness are easily controlled by avoiding cheap dog food with lots of fillers.

    Maggie is the dominant one of the pair. She will try to dominate other new dogs but will obey a verbal command to stop fussing. She is less likely to stay by your side than Humphries. She also knows some commands, "sit," "no," "come here" and "get down." She uses her crate as her safe place, usually retreating there to hide toys.

    Maggie has the classic squishy bullie face, requiring routine cleaning along with her ears and tail pocket. She has a history of hot spots. No medication is needed for maintenance, but watchfulness is recommended. She is being switched to a grain free diet to decrease yeast.

    JUNE UPDATE: The dynamic duo is all settled in. They continue to be a delight. Maggie has stopped hiding toys but is bossy. Humphries has contentedly resigned himself to being pushed around by a houseful of females.

    Humphries and Maggie are easy - they have proven to obey verbal commands to go out or stay in at a door, wait or get in their crate. Both travel well. They are practicing walks in the neighborhood. Humphries loves it, but Maggie clearly finds it a waste of time. She constantly scooches over to walk on grass, not sidewalk. They are so strong together that more practice is needed to learn the human should be the one to decide when to stop or go.

    So loving and affectionate, they now stay right by their foster mom's side all the time. They will wait inside the door if she steps out briefly. Each will pat her arm to get petted if they want attention.

    Humphries & Maggie are just great dogs. They have clearly been well-loved and taken care of. The lucky family who adopts them will have an instant bullie family!

    Please consider sponsoring Humphries & Maggie's vet care while they are in rescue. If you would like to make Humphries & Maggie a part of your family, please mention them by name when filling out an adoptiong application.


    Please view the adoption process and fill out an application at their website --->

    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Indiana Bulldog Rescue

    Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News!

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    Default re: ~Humphries & Maggie~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

    This beautiful pair are still looking for their fur-ever home!

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