Stella is a Shelter Pull
Intake Date: 04/19/15
Last Update: 06/18/15
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Email: info@indianabulldogrescue.com
Age: 6 years
Gender: Altered Female
Weight: 40 lbs
Energy Level: Medium Low
Color: Mostly White With Other Markings
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with kids: Yes (recommend 8+)
Object Aggression: Other dogs approaching her food bowl while she is eating
Special needs: Deep tail pocket and nose rope that will need daily cleaning
Medications: Benedryl, Optimune, monthly heartworm and flea preventative
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Fee: $450
Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies


Poor Stella. When Indianapolis Animal Care and Control called on a Sunday about a bulldog in urgent need of medical care, our volunteers sprang into action, scooped this girl up and got her in to see the vet immediately.

Stella is estimated to be 6 years old. She was dehydrated and severely malnourished upon initial exam. She has ear infections, dental issues, skin infections, a slight heart murmur and the vet was concerned she may have pyometra (a possibly deadly infection in her uterus). She stayed at the hospital overnight and was spayed first thing in the morning. The vet discovered old sutures inside her, so it's possible she had a litter of puppies not long ago. Her long, curling nails were trimmed as well and antibiotics packed into her infected ears. She did test heartworm negative.

Stella will need additional medical attention once she gains some weight and the vet thinks she can handle more procedures. Entropian eye surgery, major dental and a tail amputation are all currently possibilities. More may be added to the list with time.

JUNE UPDATE: Stella has gotten her groove back! Now that she's feeling much better, her wonderful and alert personality is shining through. She loves to be petted and near her humans. She is one that will paw at you or use her muzzle to try and lift up your hand if you stop petting her. Because of this, she may inadvertently scratch a young child. Therefore, it is recommended her forever family not have any kids under 8 years old.

Stella has nearly doubled her weight, but could gain another 6 to 8 pounds and be considered ideally healthy. She really likes to eat. She does seem to get that bulldog “yeasty” skin, so it is a must that she remains on grain free, top quality food. She did get some welts/hives and interdigital cysts that she gnawed at, when she was fed a “winged” base protein (i.e. chicken, turkey). She was switched to lamb mixed with whitefish proteins and she is doing real well on those. She gets 2 Benadryl twice a day just to keep her “yeasty” tendencies from flaring up.

Stella also has a very deep, unique tail pocket. It was thought that she would need to have her tail amputated, however the vet decided it was not possible due to the base of her tail being too thick. Therefore, her forever home must be bulldog savvy (particular experience with bulldog tail pockets and face/nose wrinkles.) It is extremely important to keep up with cleaning out and ensuring her tail pocket is dry. She does “scoot” on the floor often due to it itching. This could also be because she is beginning to have hair grow back on her very corky bald tail. Smearing a thin layer of coconut oil on it after cleaning it seems to be helping. She also has a prominent nose rope that will require the same care as her tail pocket.

Stella had entropian surgery on both of her eyes. Her right eye has “dry eye,” so will require daily lubricating drops (Optimmune is recommended.) She had an extensive dental cleaning & 4 incisors extracted. She is feeling so much better since having that done. She had 2 masses removed from her upper back along her spine, as well. The pathology on those came back as being benign subcutaneous Hemangiomas.

Stella is friendly toward all people she's met – young, old, male, female. She also enjoys relaxing with her foster bullie siblings. She free roams 24/7 and spends most of her time on the bed hanging out with 3 of her foster bullie sisters. She gets along very well with all of them. She also lives with a foster bullie brother, 2 cats and a bird. She gets along fine with them, too. The only time there might be a scuffle is when it’s feeding time. She tends to eat quickly and then tries to steal others’ food. They don’t like it and she is very pushy about it, so a tiff ensues. It’s best to feed her separately or always monitor feeding times in the presence of other fur siblings.

Stella loves to cuddle and really likes to nest herself in blankets. She doesn’t seem interested in toys. She does like to lick on peanut butter stuffed bones, though. She does well with going potty outside. She is trusted off leash in a fenced yard. She was not a “runner” or a “bolter” when presented with the opportunity. She occasionally barks at noises outside, but is not constant or annoying.

Stella made tremendous progress since first coming into rescue 2 months ago! The best part is, she is now ready to find her forever home!

If you would like to make Stella a part of your family, please mention her by name when filling out an adoption application. We could still use some help with her medical bills too, if you are interested in sponsoring Stella.


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