Max is an Owner Surrender
Intake Date: 03/01/15
Last Update: 04/12/15
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Age: 3 years
Gender: ALtered Male
Weight: 60 lbs
Energy Level: Medium
Color: White
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with kids: Yes
Object Agression: None
Special Needs: Deaf
Medications: Phenobarbital once daily for epilepsy, daily eye drops, monthly heartworm and flea preventative
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Adoption fee: $550
Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies


Max is a very passive, adorable bullie boy. He has settled in very nicely in his very busy foster home with two fur sisters and a 9 year old human sister. He loves to play with toys, knows sit, shake paws, speak and down but may require a treat to find the motivation, like many bullies.

The only thing different about Max is that he is epileptic. He will require one daily dose of phenobarbital for the rest of his life. His case is very mild and with proper diet and medication, he can live a perfectly normal life. To date, he hasn't had any seizures in foster care.

Max is very well behaved. He doesn't get on the furniture, comes when called, is agreeable to baths and having his ears cleaned.

Max is extremely bonded to his human. He needs to be with a family that understands he will want and need to be with them and not become frustrated with him following them around the house. Max will not go into a crate willingly, but doesn't become aggressive if made to go into one. He will whine and let everyone know he isn't happy about being crated, but settles within a few minutes. He doesn't chew and can be trusted to be home alone without a crate.

Max is a wonderful fur kid looking for a forever family. He is a sensitive guy but sweet to the core. He is a perfect gentleman around little children, but is quite large so we always suggest supervision.

APRIL UPDATE: Upon coming into rescue, it was discovered Max had several medical issues that needed to be addressed. He had severe ear calcification which required he have a surgical procedure called TECA: total ear canal ablation. Max also needed a tail amputation due to severe infection and a soft palate reduction to help with breathing.

The TECA surgery left Max completely deaf and unable to blink his right eye, due to damage to nerves intertwined in the area that was operated on. His ear canals have been permanently closed so there is no risk of any additional infections over his lifetime. He is recovering and adjusting extremely well to being deaf. He is a good-natured boy and quite calm, so this has helped immensely in his recovery.

Max will sit, lie down and shake/high five via a hand signal command. He will need to be approached with caution and ease when sleeping to ensure he is not startled. He has not shown any signs of aggression when startled, but we always suggest to use extreme caution when interacting with a deaf bullie.

Max's soft palate reduction was performed to ensure his breathing is at maximum optimization. This is a common issue with the bulldog breed and was not due to any type of medical condition that would effect his long term health.

Max's foster parents rave about this boy. He gets along extremely well with the other dogs in the home, loves all children and can even be trusted with smaller ones, but we always encourage supervision with any dog for children's safety as well as the dog.

Max is still on medical hold awaiting his post-op follow up. Stay tuned for more on this incredible boy.

Please consider sponsoring Max's vet care while he is in rescue. If you're interested in adding Max to your family when he is ready, mention him by name when filling out an adoption application.


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