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Thread: ~ JAX ~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

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    Default ~ JAX ~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana


    Age: 6 years
    Gender: Unaltered Male
    Weight: 50 lbs
    Energy Level: Low
    Color: Brindle
    Good with other dogs: Yes
    Good with cats: Yes
    Good with children: Yes
    Object Agression: None
    Special needs: Deaf
    Medications: Monthly heartworm and flea preventative
    Crate trained: Yes
    House Trained: Unknown
    Adoption Fee: $450
    Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies

    Please welcome Jax to IBR! He comes to us from a shelter and appears to have a host of medical issues that will need to be addressed ASAP, including problems with his ears, eyes, skin and more. He will be seeing the vet immediately.

    OCTOBER UPDATE: Poor Jax! He went to the vet Oct. 9 and it turns out he is going to need surgery on his ears. This is due to the anatomy of his ear canals and chronic ongoing ear infections. He is being treated for a bacterial infection in both ears with topical and oral medication to give him some relief, but surgery will be the only option for the infection to stay away.

    This surgery will require Jax to see a specialist. During this procedure, Jax will have the diseased ear canal removed entirely. This procedure is long, tedious and will cost IBR thousands of dollars. Please sponsor Jax so that he can have his ear surgery!

    Jax also has a large mass under one ear. A cytology was done on the mass and results will be back in a few weeks. He will be getting neutered soon and has been started on heartworm prevention.

    NOVEMBER UPDATE: The good news is, results from the mass under Jax's ear revealed it was just inflamed. Once he was started on antibiotics it shrank from the size of a softball to the size of a ping pong ball.

    Jax saw the surgical specialist on Oct. 31 to have his ears evaluated and the news from that is not so good. Due to the severity of neglect/infection his ears suffered, the specialist did not recommend surgery. He explained that there are facial nerves wrapped around the ear canal and if those nerves were to be injured during the procedure, Jax would not be able to blink - therefore resulting in eye problems down the road, including severe dry eye. To avoid injuring the nerves, the surgeon tries to be very gentle during the procedure, but he could tell it was not going to be a gentle surgery for Jax due to the severity of his ears. The specialist is also confident that Jax is deaf.

    At this time we are exploring alternative treatments for Jax. We also learned that he has a heart murmur, although he is not currently showing any signs of distress. He should be healthy enough to undergo "the big snip" soon.

    Despite all this, Jax is so sweet and loving! He is good with the kids, other dogs and cats in his foster home. He is so very laid back and doesn't seem bothered by anything. He will occasionally lay down and chew on a Nylabone, but mostly he just follows his people around until someone pats his head.


    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> IBR

    Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News!
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