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Thread: ~Roxi~ French Bulldog available for adoption in Indiana

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    Default ~Roxi~ French Bulldog available for adoption in Indiana


    Welcome Roxie to IBR!


    Little Roxi is quite the sweet French Bulldog who loves everyone! She came to IBR with severe allergies of an undetermined cause. Her first night she constantly scratched her underside/belly, chewed on her arms, didn't want to eat and had hot spots. She seemed pretty miserable.

    The next day, Roxi went to the vet and got a steroid shot, an antibiotic shot, her ears cleaned, nails clipped and a complete check up. She was sent home with an oral steroid and hasn't scratched since! The sweetheart feels so much better already and runs around, chews on toys/bones, loves walks, eats like a piglet and is so happy. This little girl steals your heart!

    Roxi is a petite girl, but is gaining weight and eating regular meals. She is on a grain-free food (lamb flavor) and loves apples mixed in. She takes her meds in cheese and will absolutely do anything for that cheese! The vet believes her allergies to be environmental, not food-related, and will be working to determine the source so it can be treated more directly.

    Roxi's foster mom hasn't seen one thing this little girl dislikes so far. She loves people, likes dogs but doesn't seem interested in playing, loves walks and will allow ear drops to be put in each day. She even let her foster mom bathe her, despite her skin being irritated, raw and sore.

    JUNE UPDATE: Roxi has progressed amazingly during her 2 months in foster care! She is still on an oral steroid every morning for her itchiness and ear medication to help with her inner ears and any infection still deep within. So far, no specific allergy (environmental or food) has been determined as the cause of Roxi's skin issues/itchiness.

    The grain-free lamb food has been agreeing with Roxi, who also loves veggies and fruits cut up and mixed in with her food. Her appetite is much improved since her arrival, she doesn't forget scheduled meal times! She also gets only lamb treats. Her skin and coat are slowly improving and she is beginning to grow new hair. She is still working on gaining some weight.

    Roxi really likes her foster brother a lot! She looks to him as a role model and often mirrors what he does. She is also infatuated with people, constantly wanting to say "Hi" while on walks. She is such a friendly, loving little girl.

    JULY UPDATE: Roxi is doing great! Her skin and fur are looking so much better where the allergies had affected her initially. She is continuing on an oral steroid, but her dosage is slowly being decreased.

    Roxi just loves taking walks and seeing people! Her favorite thing to do is stand outside and look at everyone, just stare, and if they notice her she starts wiggling her whole body and begging to be petted. She's such a sweetheart. She has also been playing more with her foster brother, taking turns swapping bones or toys and even playing tug o' war!

    Roxi's vet has pronounced her ready for adoption as long as the adopter understands where she has come from with her allergies and the goals that she is heading to in terms of her treatment. She will require a diligent family who will help her to stay itch-free and happy.

    I've Been Adopted!

    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> IBR

    Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News!
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