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Thread: ~~Lady~ English bulldog available for adoption in Indiana

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    Default ~~Lady~ English bulldog available for adoption in Indiana

    Lady is an Owner Surrender
    Intake Date: 08/24/13
    Last Update: 10/24/13
    Age: 6
    Gender: Altered Female
    Weight: 54 lbs
    Energy Level: Low
    Color: Mostly white with other markings
    Good with other dogs: Yes
    Good with cats: Unknown
    Good with kids: Unknown
    Object aggression: None
    Special Needs: Other (note in bio below)
    Medications Prozac: 20mg twice a day
    Crate Trained: Yes
    House Trained: Partially
    Adoption Fee: $450Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies


    Lady, or Ladybug as as her foster family likes to call her, is very sweet. She loves to give kisses and be near you. She was surrendered by a couple who rescued her from the street. They were able to find out that she spent the first 5 years of her life in a puppy mill. She's had numerous litters with the last one resulting in a hysterectomy.

    Lady is timid at the moment and has a strong dislike of basketballs for some reason. She is extremely docile and well behaved around other dogs. She has had a few accidents in the house, but her foster family is working with her on that. She loves lounging on the couch and is MORE than happy to spend the entire day there if you let her. Lady has been taking evening walks, and she does well on the leash. She LOVES her crate and at times it is difficult to get her out. She was given a clean bill of health from the vet. In all, Ladybug is an easygoing little girl who just wants to please you.

    OCTOBER UPDATE: Ladybug is continuing to adjust great. We had our first big storm recently and yes, it is official, she is not a fan of them. That being said, she seems to be far more afraid of the sound of a bouncing basketball than she is of a thunderstorm.

    Lady is coming out of her shell and is very personable. She has even started chewing bones. She did get confused one day and started nibbling on a Nicholas Sparks novel, but who can blame her? They ARE really great novels. Thankfully, her foster mom had just finished it the night before.

    Thanks to the Butler Bulldog Beauty Contest, her foster mom found out that Lady doesn't mind wearing shirts or tutus. She is pretty easy going with everything. In all, Ladybug is going to make a wonderful addition to a lucky family!

    FEBRUARY UPDATE: Lady is a little overweight but her foster family is working with her on it! She is looking forward to warmer weather so she can start going on walks. Until then, her daily calorie intake has been decreased and she's doing really well with it.

    A small bump was noticed on Lady's knee and has been confirmed to be a mast cell tumor which will need to be removed. These can be somewhat common in certain breeds and should be able to be completely removed fairly easily, but Lady will need to be checked regularly for more that may pop up for the rest of her life.

    MARCH UPDATE: Lady has surgery scheduled March 10 to remove the mass on her knee. She is down three pounds this month! Since her weight loss, her energy level has increased and she loves to run laps in the back yard.

    Lady's foster family has noticed she has an obsession with socks and will steal them. They just try to keep the floor picked up! Lady is always happy to meet new people, she is just a love bug and will make a great family pet.

    APRIL UPDATE: Lady has continued to slowly lose weight. She is down another pound. Her mass removal surgery was very successful. Histopath results did confirm that it was a cancerous mass, but it was able to be completely removed. She has a good prognosis as long as we keep an eye out for any other lumps or bumps on her in the future. She is so happy to have the cone of shame off!

    Lady's foster family has realized that she definitely has storm anxiety. However, during storms she is perfectly comfortable to lay in her crate until everything is over. She is not on any medication for anxiety.

    Lady continues to get along great with all the other dogs, cats and kids in her foster home. She would be a wonderful addition to any family! She is very laid back, but loves to run crazy in the morning until she's fed.

    Lady does great with routine: she is very housebroken and her crate is her safe place. She doesn't object to going in there at all! She is also very healthy. She doesn't have any skin problems or allergies. No folds or pockets that need cleaned all the time. The only medication she is on is monthly heartworm and flea preventative.

    If you think Lady sounds like the perfect bullie to add to your family, make sure to mention her by name when filling out an adoption application.


    contact them:

    You need to have an adoption application on file before contacting them through email.

    Follow this link to fill out an adoption application:

    To view more English Bulldogs for adoption through Indiana Bulldog Rescue, click this link below:

    Be sure to tell them you found them on English Bulldog News!!
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