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Meet Isabella (Izzy)

Isabella(Izzy) is an Owner Surrender
Intake Date: 6-22-13
Today's Date: 7-4-2013
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Age: 3
Gender: Altered Female
Weight: 55lbs
Energy Level: Med
Color: Brindle
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Object aggression: None
Special Needs: None
Crate Trained: No
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Fee: $650.00
Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies


Izzy is an absolute joy. She likes to take long naps during the day but plays very well when active. She is vey strong and can carry her large Nylabones around with ease. She likes to be outside for short amounts of time, but becomes warm and breathing becomes labored very quickly. We do very short walks and return, prior to the warmest part of the day. I have been quite shocked by her agility navigating the stairs in my home. She can leap up two or three stairs at a time

She is a quiet/timid girl that I have yet to hear bark or snore.

She loves to be close to anyone in the house. She loves visitors and timidly approaches, paws at their legs for a tummy rub. She pays no attention to my other dog, which isn't playful. She is gentle with my young daughter.

She is quiet and agreeable during bath time.

She is a light eater but very much understands what the kitchen is utilized for. Her previous owners fed her lots of table food, so we are working on her begging during family meals.

She was also a bed and couch sleeper so we are working on that as well.

Her skin, folds and ears are great. She came to me on a store brand food and had no allergy symptoms.

She is not crate trained but is quiet and agreeable when crated.

She is very afraid of storms so she needs comfort during inclement weather. She shakes out of fear but doesn't make a sound.

Izzy would be the perfect pet for any household. She has been exposed to cats as well and was unphased.

July Update:

Izzy has really warmed up to us after a very short time. She is a timid girl that likes to nap and stay quiet. She will play well when initiated by a human. My other dog doesn't play much so I cannot assess how she plays with other dogs. She seems uninterested in my other bullie on a day to day basis but they get along fine. She loves to sit in my lap and get tummy rubs. She wasn't a big fan of her newly introduced crate but has since decided its a great place to take naps and go to bed at night. She is housebroken so I don't close her crate, but rather leave it open for her to come and go as she needs. She is great with my small kids and tolerates the ruckus of my busy household quite well. She is very scared of storms and other loud noises. She doesn't bark but she shakes and shivers, which is sad to watch. She is consolable though, so that is a plus. She seems indifferent to my neighbors cat that likes to visit on the fence everyday. We are working on her timidness of the outdoors. She will go out to potty, but is hesitant and it takes patience for her to investigate before exiting the house. She is very cautious of the outdoors, which is fine because bullies shouldn't be outdoors for much time anyway. To date, we feel Izzy is the most flexible bullie with the mildest temperament we have ever fostered. She would fit in nearly any family dynamic.


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