Gender:Altered Male
Weight:81 lbs
Energy Level:Med High
Color: Other (note in bio below)
Good with other dogs:Yes
Good with cats:No
Good with kids:Yes
Object aggression: balls, stuffed toys, his blanket, his bedroom, anywhere he is sitting
Special Needs:Other (note in bio below)
Medications: Clompromine 2 daily, Osteo BiFlex
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Fee:450.00
Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies


Hulk is a red and white, beautiful English Bulldog with a terrific smile. Hulk looks at you with those big brown Milk Dud eyes. Hulk is a larger size English Bulldog. He is working on losing a few pounds. Hulk is very good on a leash, knows commands and generally very well behaved.

Hulk does have a lot of energy, often a nervous energy and appears to wonder what he needs to do next. Hulk takes medication for his separation anxiety. He is doing well, but has issues with any box style truck (delivery trucks) and school buses. We try to schedule walks before or after the usual passing of these type vehicles as it truly sets him off into a frenzied barking and pulling panic attack.Hulk also has panic attacks with the sound of a vacuum or even a broom. We can put him in his room to sweep, but have to turn music up loud so he can not hear the swish of the broom. Vacuum is best done when someone else is taking him for a walk. Any loud pitched sound panics Hulk.

Hulk would do good in a home that is quiet, but relatively active. He wants a job, he wants something to do. Hulk will do well with other dogs in the home as long as any toys are given in a separate room. Hulk is guarding of his space. Any children in the home would need to be old enough to give him his space when he wants to be alone - and the child would need to know he does not share toys. Balls should not be given or left out where they can be seen by Hulk. Hulk loves to be loved on. He gives great hugs and light kisses.

Hulk recently Hulk had a grade 1 mast cell tumor removed and is in need of sponsors to help with his care.