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Thread: Tyson ~~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

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    Default Tyson ~~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

    Age: 3 Years old
    Gender: Nuetered Male
    Weight: 45 lbs
    Energy Level: Calm
    Color: Brindle and White
    Dogs: Get along well with most dogs
    Cats: Unknown
    Kids: Previously lived with 3 small children (IBR has an 8 year old minimum)
    Object Agression: None
    Special needs: Nervous and timid
    Medications: Reconcile 2 times a day and Benadryl for allergies
    Crate Trained: No
    House Trained: Yes
    Adoption Fee: $550.00
    Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies

    3-18-13 update:Tyson has now completed 3 surgeries on his left leg and knee. He still walks somewhat gingerly at times but does not let this hold him back. It still takes Tyson a bit to warm up to new people. He currently takes benedryl 2 times a day for allergies and generic prozac 20mg once daily in the am. He also take 1/2 of Novox 7.5mg twice daily for his joints along with a glucosamine chondroitin supplemnent. Tyson has become a very loving and affectionate boy. He likes to cuddle but is not a lap dog. He will give kisses if asked and is well mannered and very sweet. He will make a wonderful boy for some family. Tyson may need an additional surgery on his right knee that will soon be evaluated and a decision made.

    Tyson is a gorgeous approx 3 year old male bulldog. In his initial home it is suspected he had been abused, so he is very timid and nervous at first. His surrendering family took him from the abusive home and tried to give him a home, but with 3 small children, at times the commotion was a lot for Tyson to handle.

    Tyson needs a quieter home with a lot of patience. He is very cautious about warming up to anyone new. He is not aggressive nor growls or barks. After fostering him for only 3 weeks he has really warmed up to his foster family. He now sleeps in bed and is eating regularly and gaining some weight. He actually played with his foster sister and now they wrestle and play a couple of time daily.

    Do not try to eat an apple in his presence as they are his favorite snack. He does have this cute little cry when he wants you or wants a piece of apple. He is very lovable and wants to be laying near you at all times. He does not like stairs due to the clicking of his nails as he climbs the stairs. It will take time and patience to allow Tyson to bloom into the bullie he is. He could use some training as he does not follow commands very well. You must use a gentle voice and demeanor with this gentle guy.

    Tyson has had his second corrective surgery on the left leg and knee and is about 6 weeks post op and doing well. He still is waiting to do surgery on the right knee once he has regained full strength and use of left leg again. Despite the rehab he loves to wrestle and his chew toys (nylarbones) he is also less nervous around strangers then when he first arrived. He is timid and does not like hardwood floors very much. I think he feels unstable when he tries to walk. He is a real lover and desires to be near you at all times but he does not get up in your face or lap just content to be beside you on the couch. He LOVES apples but does not like carrots. He seldom ever barks but has this cute little cry when he wants you for something. Tyson will be a real joy to the right family once his legs are all better.

    contact them:

    You need to have an adoption application on file before contacting them through email.

    Follow this link to fill out an adoption application:

    To view more English Bulldogs for adoption through Indiana Bulldog Rescue, click this link below:

    Be sure to tell them you found them on English Bulldog News!!
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    Default Re: Tyson ~~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

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