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Thread: Chubby ~~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

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    Default Chubby ~~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

    Age: 4.5
    Gender: Altered Male
    Weight:74 lbs
    Energy Level:Med Low
    Color:Tri Colored
    Good with other dogs:Yes
    Good with cats:Unknown
    Good with kids:Yes
    Object aggression:Chubby does have some aggression when playing with toys
    Special Needs:None
    Medications:Tramadol 50-75mg every 8-12 hours as needed for discomfort Derma-Vet ointment to ears 2 times daily. T8Keto ear cleanse once daily
    Crate Trained: Unknown
    House Trained:Yes
    Adoption Fee: $550

    Chubby is a shelter pull from Ohio. He is a very laid back kind-of-guy who loves to snuggle. Chubby does very well with other dogs and children. He loves to have his belly rubbed and hang out on the couch all day. He is very well mannered and is currently working on commands and is doing better everyday. He loves his chew toys but does not like to share at times, but he is learning that sharing can be more fun. Chubby loves to go for several walks a day and does very well on a leash, you can tell that his prior owners did work with him.

    He is a very passive guy who is just happy to have someone to hang out with. Chubby is still learning the in's and out's of his foster family, but is settling in really well. As his name states he is a little Chubby, but he and his foster parents are working hard to get his diet undercontrol and are working with the vet on weight control with portion control and exercise. Chubby likes to eat a heathly diet and loves his healty treats and is on a limited ingredient diet to help get him back into his perfect bullie shape.

    Chubby does appear to have had and currently has problems with his ears. He needs to have an ear wash daily and ear ointment placed two times a day, but he sits quielty and lets his foster mom clean them. Even after a day Chubby is feeling better, and he also gets pain medicaiton prior to recieving his ear cleaning and he is able to tolerate his cleanings better. chubby loves to be groomed and is such a great boy in the bath and loves to drink from the faucet. Chubby requires lots of love and attention,he is a big love bug.

    July Update:
    Chubby is very sweet, laid back guy and loves tummy rubs. Chubby has been doing well since his last update and fits nicely into his foster family. He still thinks that he is the king of the castle and can be very dominate during play, however does get along well and tolerates his foster brother, as long as he does not have to share his toys. His foster family has been working hard to socialize him with other dogs with frequent trips to the dog park and around the neighborhood. Chubby has been working on his manners and his weight. He loves to go on walks, the more the better! His foster mom has to closely monitor his portion sizes and when he eats, because he will eat his brothers food if no one is watching. He is still working on commands and walking on the leash, but he is doing great and takes direction very well. Because of his allergies Chubby has to be fed a limited ingredient diet and the occasional Benadryl. His ears require daily cleaning and debriding. Chubby may possibly be a candidate for entropion surgery in the very near future, but the vet wants to have a check up to make sure that this is the best thing for Chubby. He does well with grooming and loves to be brushed, and does well when brushing his teeth. He also is very tolerant of his foster mom when it comes time for his eye drops and ear cleanings (however this is not his favorite activity) and is a very good boy. Chubby is truly a sweet, sweet boy and has lots of love to give to the right family. Because of his dominate behavior it would be best if Chubby had a home with either no children or older children, as he gets excited when playing and does not take his large size into consideration. He is playful and loves to go on car rides. He loves to be anywhere his foster mom is and follows her around everywhere, which is ok with her but he can be a bit of a bed hog

    contact them:

    You need to have an adoption application on file before contacting them through email.

    Follow this link to fill out an adoption application:

    To view more English Bulldogs for adoption through Indiana Bulldog Rescue, click this link below:

    Be sure to tell them you found them on English Bulldog News!!
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    Default Re: Chubby ~~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

    I'm a good girl, I promise

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