Lola is an owner Surrender
Date Posted: 8/21/12
Last Update: 8/21/12
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Age: Est between 4-6
Gender: Female
Energy Level:
Color: Mostly White
Object Agression:
Special Needs:
Crate Trained:
House Trained:
Adoption Fee: $550.00
Shipping: IBR does not ship Bullies

Lola has chronic dry eyes, a cherry eye, which is too ulcerated to be fixed. She has yeast infection in both ears, and inverted eyelids on her right eye. Lola's exact age is unknown, but the vet estimated that she is little older than 4 (prob 5 or 6) and it appears that she has had a few litters. The enamel on her bottom teeth is basically gone, probably due to the constant chewing on the crate she was kept for breeding and her nails were ridiculously long. She had fleas when she came to IBR, but they are now appear to be gone. She's had two accidents since coming to IBR, but again, shes use to staying in a crate all day. Nothing a little praise, or royal Canine can't fix. Her cina-bun tail wags when her foster mom calls her "loula-bug," she LOVES her belly to be rubbed, and doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Her foster mom is eager for her to meet her foster sister, and to see which snores louder.

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