Hugo is a owner surrender
Date Posted: May 31, 2012
Date Last Update: July 1, 2012
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Neutered Male
Weight: 68 lbs
Energy Level: Moderate
Color: White with small spots on skin
Dogs: gets along well with dogs
Cats: unknown
Kids: Does well with kids over 8 years old
Object agression: Moderate food agression
Special needs: None
Medications: None
Crate trained: Yes
House trained: Yes
Adoption fee: $650
Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies


Wiggle, wiggle, jiggle, jiggle…………..Hugo’s my name and eating is my game. Hugo is a super duper make- your- heart- smile two year old neutered male bullie! Say that one more time. Hugo is a young bullie still learning how to play with toys and other dogs. He starts out watching and then runs around barking as if he is saying “look at me, look at me”. He is a typical bullie, in that he is physical when he plays; he body slams and chews when he plays. He loves ropes, balls, and Kong toys. No toy aggression, as he is willing to share.

Hugo gets along well with other dogs and has daily contact with strange dogs. Hugo does great on walks and knows how to walk on a leash. He is crate trained and sometimes sleeps in the cage or on a pillow. He is housebroken, but he will sometimes mark his pillow if he thinks our other bullie is going to sleep on it! He can be left alone with no issues but really prefers to be close and snuggle. When he wants your attention, he will sit at your feet with a pouty face and one paw up. Hugo does know sit and shake. He is good with a bath and really enjoys getting his belly rubbed. Overall he is in good health; a few pounds to lose and a minor issue with his eye. Distichiasis is a condition in which small eyelashes abnormally grow on the inner surface or very edge of the eyelids. He is just a pleasure to have around.

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