Clementine is a breeder surrender.
Date Posted:
Date Last Update: 7/17/12
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Age: estimated at 6 or 7 years old
Gender: Female
Weight: 47lbs
Energy Level: Fairly active
Color: Mostly black with some white and touches of brindle
Dogs: Does ok with other dogs and likes to play with smaller dogs
Cats: Unknown
Kids: Unknown
Object Agression: None
Special Needs: None
Medications: None on-going
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Fee: $350.00
Shipping: IBR does not ship bullies


Clementine came to Indiana Bulldog Rescue from Missouri. She was rescued with two other bulldogs from the same location. There is not much information about her background, other than it is suspected she was simply used for breeding living in a cage outside. She does have damage to her right eye and our vet believes it was an injury that was never treated. It is suspected that there is either total blindness or significant vision restriction with that eye. She settled into remarkably well and other than a bladder infection , she health is good. She is still learning about housebreaking. She has the occational accident but she is getting the hang of it and we are sure she will improve.

She was initially shy around the other dogs, and she would gravitate to her crate. She now loves to be around the others and hang out in the backyard.she likes her crate when she wants to take a nap and is very quiet when she is in it.Clementine had to learn to drink water out of a bowl ,she didnít know what it was. She also had never seen a tv. Clementine walked like she was crippled, but now she runs around like a puppy. Her confinement to simply breed and make money for owners denied her the ability to live like most dogs running around and have a comfortable place to sleep. Clementine had not had the life that so many other dogs take for granted. Through all this, she is sweet, loves to cuddle and give kisses. Now she deserves to be pampered and loved. Wonít you please give this precious little girl her own special home?

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