Napu is an owner surrender.
Date: March 2, 2012
Last Update: May 3, 2012
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Age: 2
Gender: Neutered male
Energy Level: laid back - restricted due to cranial cruciate ligament rupture.
Color: Fawn and white
Dogs: OK
Cats: Unknown
Kids: IBR has a 8 year old minimun requirement
Object Agression: None
Special Needs: evaluating allergies
Medications: Currently on anti-inflammatory meds, antibiotics, ear drops, and pain medications.
Crate trained: Yes
House trained: Yes
Adoption fee: $650.00
Shipping: IBR does not ship bulldogs


Napu came to us in March, 2012 as an owner surrender. His owner realized they were no longer financially capable of caring for Napu due to his allergies.

Napu was seen by the vet the day after he was picked up from the previous owner. His ear canals were totally closed up, absolutely no entry to the canal was visible. He was started on anti-inflammatory meds, antibiotics and ear drops. The drops were just 'rubbed' onto the outer ear, as there was no canal entry. We continued treating his ears twice daily until his recheck with the vet. We, the foster parents, did notice a little improvement as there was now a slight canal opening available. Napu's ears were severely cauliflowered and calcified. Very hard behind the ear when touching or rubbing them. The vet was surprised that there was any improvement at all, even though ever so slight. It was recommended at that point to continue with another type of ear drop and to change the anti-inflammatory due to his pending neuter surgery. At the same time we are also treating Napu for Entropion of both eyes. Entropion is when the eyelid rolls inward and the eyelashes rub against and irritate the conjunctival and corneal surface (eyeball). Napu's eyes appeared better at the 2nd vet visit also, and the vet recommended continuation of the eye drops.

In the meantime, while awaiting his neuter, we continued the treatment for Napu. Napu enjoyed getting out and walking, so we would take him and our other dog(s) for walks, let him play with our other dogs and entertain us. Napu is a pretty quiet guy until it is dinner time and then he barks so loud and whines like a baby. Almost like he is talking to us to hurry up and get his dinner for him! While in the backyard one evening, Napu seemed to trip over his own feet. My partner and I were laughing at him for being a klutz until we noticed he was limping. The laughter stopped and we felt bad for him. We felt around on the leg to see where the pain was, to try and see why he was not putting weight on his right hind leg. Thought he could just walk it out. Got up the next morning and he was still limping. Then to the vet we go. The vet examined Napu and did feel some swelling in the right rear knee. Due to Napu being such a meaty, muscular bullie, the vet wanted to look closer at the knee and performed x-rays. The x-rays did show some osteoarthritis, and some inflammation in the knee area, but she was unable to determine the exact nature of the injury. Recommended then that Napu stay on the anti-inflammatory and added pain meds 2-3 times a day. Recheck was scheduled for 4 days later, the day of his neuter. Assuming they could take a closer look and do additional manipulation of the knee while he was under if her was still having knee pain/lameness.

Up the morning of the neuter, Napu none to happy that his 4 brothers and sisters could have breakfast and he had to go without. Pay backs for Napu though as he got to leave home with mom while the other furkids were stuck in the house. Napu was still limping as we headed for the vet for his neuter. He was absolutely pitiful. The neuter was completed with no problems. The vet was able to manipulate his knee and thought it best if he would seek the care of a specialist for not only his knee, but also a dermatologist for his allergies and ear issues.
We were referred to Circle City Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital the following week. We had two appointments scheduled back to back. One with a surgeon for his knee and the other with a dermatologist for his allergies/ears.

Upon examination by the surgeon, with additional x-rays, it was found that Napu had a cranial cruciate ligament rupture. He has been put to cage rest, continue with the Rimadyl and Tramadol. Surgery to stabilize the stifle in weight bearing was recommended. They are to evaluate for any meniscal tears during the surgical procedure. After the surgery Napu will need to be restricted for 8 weeks with no running, jumping, or playing and confinement to crate, unless on a leash. Also recommended is physical rehab and laser therapy. Repeat of the x-rays (under sedation) 8 weeks after the surgery to evaluate bone healing.

The Dermatologist recommends complete removal of the ear canal (Ear Canal Ablation) of both ears. This surgery will need to be staged, one side at a time due to the risk of swelling and respiratory problems. There are many risks involved with this surgery, but due to the severity of Napu's ears it is highly recommended by the Dermatologist.

The Dermatologist suggests we continue what we are currently doing for Napu at this time and provided medicated facial wipes. After the knee surgery and ear canal surgeries are complete the dermatologist will work on getting to the bottom of his allergies.
Napu has been a real trooper through all of this. He is such a sweet guy. He hasn't had a lot of energy since he came to us, but probably because he just doesn't feel real good. Hopefully he will be all better soon and his true personality will shine through. In the meantime, it isn't a bad deal. He is just sweet and very well mannered.

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