Hey, Whatís up? My name is MaxDaddy. Iím almost 5 years old and Iím a hunk oí love (according to my foster Mama). She says this because Iím a BIG boy. I weigh around 74 lbs. The vet lady says I need to lose a few, but not many because Iím just a BIG boy. So hereís my deal. Iím awesome, but I had some really, really bad infections that my former family couldnít get cleared up. They thought Iíd be better off in Club IEBR (And I am!). Iím working on getting wellÖ. My fur is growing back (I was missing a bunch and had really hard crusty spots all over me), my eye infections are better, and my ear infections are getting better too. I had surgery on my eyelids when I first came to Club IEBR so my eyelashes wouldnít rub my eyeballs anymoreÖ. And guess what?? I can SEE now! Woot, woot! Iím a curious fellow now that I can see well and I love to follow my foster parents around the house. Also, I like to be touching you most of the time. (Thereís nothing wrong with a big tough guy having a soft side!). I also have a really cute ďbaby barkĒ that I doÖ. More like Tiny Chewbacca noises, but donít tell anyone, k? I like other dogs and I donít mind the cats that live in my foster home either.

Anyway, Iím looking for my forever home now that Iím starting to feel much better. Is that with you? Hit me up.


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