Hey folks! Bruce here, or Pancake, or Buddy, as I hear most often. I met my foster parents in mid-September, and not much is known about my life prior to that time. But I'm happy now, because I have food, a nice place to sleep, other pups to run and play with, and more love than I've ever known.

My foster siblings are pretty nice, and I don't understand why they get grouchy sometimes. But, I usually just ignore them and continue on about my business. NBD. I really just like to hang out wherever you are - generally sprawled out like a pancake so I can watch your every move. (Not that I would do anything about it, but a bully must always be ready). Sleep is such a wonderful thing. And I really like to take naps. Lots of naps. Generally, you could say I am napping 20 hours out of any given day.

My next favorite thing, of course, is food. I LOVE food. Maybe even more than naps. And now that I know it will be served twice a day, I get super excited. Sometimes, I go into my pen and just wait for food - even if it isn't near mealtime. I don't mind, I'll sit in there ALL DAY until you feed me. I do have a condition called pancreatitis, which can be super painful if it is allowed to flair up. Controlling it is pretty easy - I have to limit my fat intake, which is done with a particular type of food. Which I love to eat. And the special low-fat treats are pretty tasty, too Did I mention I love food almost more than naps?

I like to think I'm a lap dog, but snuggling really isn't my favorite - if I'm trying to be a lap dog, it usually means I want you to get up My foster parents say that when I run, I look like an adolescent boy who doesn't quite know how to use all his limbs at the same time. I don't know what they mean by that, I just get really happy about running!! And seeing my foster parents every time they return after being gone, who wouldn't be excited about that?? Oh, and hearing food being poured into a bowl, music to my ears!

I really love my new place, but I want my own family to grow and play with. Do you think I would be a fit for you??


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