Hello Potential Families!! I'm Blueberry, or Sweet Pea, or Mama - whichever you prefer. Like most bullys, I'll listen when I want and decide what I want to be known as - it differs from day to day. I'm still learning what it means to be a real dog, but I catch on pretty quickly.
Not much is known about what my life was like before my foster family rescued me, and I don't really like to think about it. I remember being outside all the time, sleeping on the ground, and having my babies taken from me too soon. But, now, I sleep inside, on a warm fluffy bed, and have lots of food, water & snuggles!!
My foster parents say I am coming out of my shell and I can be a bit ornery- I'm not sure what all that means. Sure, I like to lie on the couch and not move, but who does? And those workout clothes - nobody needs that many workout clothes, right? (They are really comfy, and accentuate my sleeping area so well!) Also, I really love food - and I can definitely be bribed to do about anything if food is involved. And nobody can have my food - though I will let foster mom pet me, it's best not to disturb me while I'm eating.

There are some other furry siblings in my home. They are okay, I like my foster sister (who is also a bullie) best. I think I might like a home with another low key dog. I haven't learned this play thing they all do - I'm working on it, but slowly. Toys are kind of weird, too, but my foster mom has played ball with me a couple of times - that seems like it will be fun.

I really like relaxing, and a home without too much activity would be best. Quick movements and loud noises remind me of where I used to live, and make me really nervous. Walks on a leash are a piece of cake, and running crazy in the backyard is my favorite thing to do. OH! And I DON’T like to be alone… I’ll be an escape artist to find you! Kennel, baby gates, leash... You name it, I’ll figure out how to get out of it!! I might be best with someone who works from home or can take me to work with them I like to lay in my foster Mom’s office while she works. I keep her in line with my snoring….

I’ve been not been exposed to cats while in my foster home, but I’ve hung out in the yard with a bunny and paid it no attention. Foster Mom and Dad are planning on taking me into more social situations and working on exposing me to different environments slowly... I think I might like a home with another low key dog. I also seem to prefer my foster bullie sister to the other dogs here...

Foster Mom and Dad say I’m super silly, learning affection, and finding my voice! Are you the right fit for me??

Update: I've been ADOPTED!

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