Hi, Friends!
My name is Marmalade and I’m 11 year young! I was was picked up by Animal Control in October of 2015. After my initial veterinary exam it was found that I had multiple health issues. I had been microchipped and my first owners were found, but due to the cost of my veterinary care, they decided Club IEBR would be the best bet for me to get healthy. Foster Mama says she knows I was loved, but just didn’t get the medical attention I needed...
After my first x-ray, it was discovered that my bladder was completely full of stones! Surgery was performed that day and over 3500 stones were removed! Ouch! Boy, did those stones HURT!! Everyone was shocked of the quantity of stones. While under anesthesia, I was spayed (No puppies for me, thank you very much) and I received some much needed dental work. Several rotten teeth were removed and the decay was so bad I had a large hole in the roof of my mouth. Double Ouch! I have something called chronic dry eye, my left eye has entropion, and I have ear issues. Both my eyes and ears will need lifelong daily care but that’s no big deal. You should know that I don’t see very well and am kinda hard of hearing. But guess what? My skin infection is gone and the yeast is slowly going away. I will need weekly medicated baths for a while. My bladder is completely healed and I don’t even need to be on a special diet. (Woot, woot!!) The stones were due to a long history of Urinary Track Infections. My mouth is doing fine but Foster Mama said I may need additional teeth removed later on down the road.
Foster mom truly believes I am one of the sweetest girls she has ever met. I don’t make a fuss over eye drops, ear cleanings, baths, or nail trims. All this petite lady wants is to be by your side. If I don’t mind saying so myself, I’m always polite and will look at you with my special lovely lady look, try to lean on you, and lay my head on you. (Hey! It’s what a lady does, right?) I will gently paw you to get your attention. You should know though, I’m pretty spry for my age and I really enjoy walks in nice weather. OH! And I’m 100% house broken (even when I had stones), but I don’t like the rain or snow and would rather hold it than go out. My favorite thing is to be petted when we watch TV together (By the way, I LOVE popcorn!!). I’m totally fine with cats but can be dog selective. (A lady doesn’t have to like EVERYONE, right??) Foster Mom has 3 very large younger dogs that I prefer stay away from me. It would be best if I was in a home with smaller dogs or no other dogs. My foster family doesn’t really know how I do around kiddos…. But that’s ok… I’m sure my furever home is out there. Foster Mama says I’m precious in every way!

Update: I've been ADOPTED!

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