Hi! I’m Bartolo (named for Bartolo Colón, the New York Mets pitcher known as “Big Sexy”). I don’t know what “sexy” means, but I am big. That’s to be expected: I’m not your typical English bulldog but an American bulldog, although some people think I look like a pony. I weigh about 80 pounds now, but my vet tells me I need to put on about 10 more pounds. That’s okay, because I love eating. In fact, I eat like a horse. I’m about two years young; recently neutered and microchipped; and I’m housebroken. I’m healthy as a horse, too–are you noticing a theme here?

I’m really just about the sweetest pup. I want to lay by your feet, play with my toys, and get kisses and scratches. I have the softest, floppiest ears and, although cropped my tail, I have a nub–which I wag to show you how happy I am. Oh, and I like time to run outside with my jolly ball–in fact, there’s nothing else I’d rather do than gallop after that crazy ball. You don’t even need to throw it to me or play fetch, because I can amuse myself with it for hours! I don’t always know my own size and strength, so, although I like every person I meet, I might knock over small children (or large children, if they have a ball!). I’m a bit ambivalent about dogs. I’m not aggressive towards them but mostly ignore them. I might be fine with a dog friend after a very slow, careful introduction, and you might need to watch me around cats; I’m not sure what to make of them yet.

I’m looking for my perfect forever family.
Love, your big, sweet, and adorable Bartolo

Update: I've been ADOPTED!

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