Hello all! My name is Bluebelle, but all my friends call me Miss Bee or just "B". Why "B" you ask? Well, foster mom says "Big B, little B, what begins with B? Blue eye, brindle bullseye, a BIG, beautiful bulldog....that's me!" In fact, I am a supersized best friend, weighing in at 73 pounds and still gaining. I'm not sure exactly how old I am, probably between 4 - 7 years old.

I was a stray roaming the streets looking for food and someone to take care of me. I had probably been out there for a while because I was in pretty bad shape when animal control took me in. I had sores on my paws, bites on my face, a large, hanging mass on my stomach, ear infection, and tapeworms too. Thankfully, IEBR took me in and everything has changed. I have had a couple of surgeries to get me all fixed up; my mass was removed, I was spayed and had double entropian surgery. Now you can see my beautiful blue eye even better!

I am a very strong girl who loves to meet people. In fact, I will make a "B-line" to sniff new people and pups; I don't want to hurt anyone, but sometimes my strength and size can be scary to those I am wanting to meet. That being said, I need a best friend who can keep me in hand and remind me of something called manners. I am a very quiet girl and enjoy nothing more than being close to you; well, I actually want you to pet me when we are close and I will let you know what I want by giving you kisses, gently pawing you, or just climbing in your lap. I do a whole body wiggle when you talk to me, cause I really like your attention. I also like rolling on my back and doing karate kicks too...girl power! Foster mom says I have a very sweet, sensitive, and silly personality. I am housebroken, enjoy getting a bath, and get along well now with my foster sis (she was initially intimidated by my size and curious nature).

What could be better than a bulldog? Me! Cause I am everything a bullie is, but in supersized form! If you want a big, beautiful, bullie gal as your best friend, with a blue eye and brindle bullseye on her butt, then I just may be your gal!

Update: I've been ADOPTED!

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