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Thread: ~GROVER~ Available for adoption in IL.

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    Default ~GROVER~ Available for adoption in IL.


    Grover's Info...

    I am already neutered, house trained, purebred, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs.
    Grover's Story...
    Hi! My name is Grover! I am 6 years young and was rescued from a shelter. I had been taken there by my previous owners. They made me live outside and bred me to make money off of my puppies. When they were done with me, I got dumped at the shelter. I got no love or attention and was never handled gently until I got into the hands of IEBR. I am so thankful I ended up here! Foster care is wonderful and I am loved like crazy now. It's taken me awhile to get adjusted to this good life and used to not being hurt, but I've come a VERY long way already. I'm extremely proud of myself!
    I'm just a little guy - only 44#! I can jump and move quickly for a bullie. I want nothing more than time with my family and lots of love and cuddles. Oh, and food. I LOVE FOOD. Some might call me obsessed. I have been learning to take treats gently. At first I would almost swallow my foster mom and dad's hand by accident! I just get so excited about food since I haven't always been fed well or with regularity! Mealtime is my favorite time of day and sometimes I sit and wait patiently for you to feed me a couple hours before it is time. I just don't want you to forget! Otherwise, my time is spent on the couch, snoozing the day away.
    I am house trained and have had occasional accidents, but my foster parents admit that the times this has happened (which isn't many), they can always trace it back to something THEY did wrong or failed to do. I am also crate trained but foster mom and dad have been trusting me to be out loose in the house more and more lately. I'm a very good boy.
    When I was first rescued, I was afraid to go outside because I feared I would never get to come back in again. Therefore, I resisted and my foster parents had to carry me out. I've learned, however, that my foster family will always let me back in and I will never spend another day or night alone in the cold. And let me tell you, that is a REALLY good feeling!
    I'm a quirky little guy. For example, I was scared to go down the back steps in my foster home when I first arrived. Then I got over it for a few weeks and did fine. But now, I'm more scared than ever and won't even come in on my own. I won't go up OR down them. Foster parents have to wrangle me outside and carry me back in. I won't do it for treats or anything. Foster parents can't figure it out! I like to keep them guessing.
    I'm super sweet but I do get scared sometimes and occasionally my instinct is to snap. I don't bite and I'm not a mean or aggressive dog by any means. I just get scared and the only thing I know how to do in these situations is to turn into a snapping turtle to protect myself. Foster parents have learned that correcting me with any physical contact, even the most gentle physical contact, is not effective. In fact, it's counterproductive. The best way to correct me from behaviors you don't want me doing is with a spray bottle of water. I do NOT like to be sprayed in the face! This technique works like a charm - stops me in my tracks. As long as I don't feel like you might hurt me, I won't snap. It takes some time for me to realize you're nice and gentle. I hardly ever snap at my foster parents anymore.
    I am PERFECT with other dogs. I live with two right now, one male and one female, and we get along GREAT! I love them and we cuddle together all the time. I also live with an 8 month old little human, and I love him! He's crawling now, and I don't even care! He's my buddy and he doesn't make me nervous at all. I like to give him kisses.
    I do have significant allergies. I am on a medication called Atopica and I have been on steroids and antibiotics for skin infections as well. I will need ongoing treatment for my allergies for the rest of my life.
    I recently had a full dental with the extraction of multiple teeth. I still have one big tooth that is broken off. They would need to put me under full anesthesia to remove it, but at this point it doesn't seem to bother me so we aren't having this done.
    Otherwise, I am a healthy boy that just craves love and affection from a family of my own. I need someone that will be gentle but firm with me, patient, loving, and has a sense of humor (I'm VERY funny). I thrive with predictability and consistency. Are you the one for me???


    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Illinois English Bulldog Rescue

    Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News!

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    Default Re: ~GROVER~ Available for adoption in IL.

    What a beautiful looking dog !!!!!!!

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