Hello World, my name is Duke and I am a 5 year old boy that has lived outside most of my life. About 6 months ago a nice family saved me and I went to live with them and their 5 year old daughter until they realized that I needed a bit more care than they could give, so they did the unselfish thing and had IEBR pick me up. I will be neutered and have entropion surgery. I also have skin allergies that hopefully will get better with weekly medicated baths and the yummy grain free food my foster mom put me on. I also have dry eye that will probably need meds for the rest of my life but I'm super easy about taking my meds. I also have a deep nose rope and deep wrinkles in my belly that need daily cleaning.

My foster family says I'm super silly! When my skin sister comes in the room I get so excited to see her that I flip onto my back for belly rubs. When it's feeding time as my foster mom gets my food ready I get so excited I start doing bunny hops backwards! I also live with 2 fur siblings although my fur sister can be a bit of a Diva so we only say hi through a gate but she seems to be fine with that. My fur brother is my buddy and we enjoy hanging out and sunbathing together. He is super nice about sharing moms lap. I don't really seem to care about toys or bones. My foster mom is working on my marking but thinks it will get better after I'm fixed also might be a little anxiety on my part since it seems to happen when she leaves the room. Since I lived outside most of my life I would love it if someone could not leave me alone for long periods of time. I would also do great with a fur sibling since it seems to help my anxiety. I'm not a fan of loud outside noises like cars, motorcycles, or car alarms. I'm not sure about thunderstorms since we haven't had one yet.

I have been ADOPTED!

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