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Thread: Scooter~~Available English Bulldog for Adoption in Decatur, Illinois

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    Default Scooter~~Available English Bulldog for Adoption in Decatur, Illinois

    My name is Scooter, I'm a four year old bullie boy and new member of club IEBR.

    You see, I was in this thing called a puppy mill with no one to love me or care for me. Then a really pawsome group of people from IEBR rescued me and now I'm living the life I should have always had. Since I have been living with foster Mom, I've been getting lots of love and attention. I am 59 pounds of wrinkley love and I have been soaking it up like a sponge.

    I get these things called baths and boy do I love 'em cause it gets me even more attention! I'll even rest my head in your hand so you can clean my wrinkles. I know that may seem a little "girlie", but hey, who says only the girls should be silky soft and smell good? I'm a very laid back kinda fella and I love a good nap, so I make sure I take several throughout the day. When I'm not asleep, I just want to be with my people; just between me and you, I get a little sad when I'm not.

    Besides being with people, I enjoy spending time with my foster niece. She's a former puppy mill girl and IEBR alum; she is a little backward and shy like me, but we get along great. My life now isn't all sleep and social time, I'm learning to walk on a leash and foster Mom has been working with me on this thing called potty training. I'm trying, but hey, its a big adjustment from what I have been used to!

    I'm going to be having surgery so I can breathe better; after that, I have cleared my calendar for naps, cuddle time, and ear rubs. I will be glad to ink you in, if your calendar will fit with mine!


    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
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