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Thread: Oreo~~Available English Bulldog for Adoption in Decatur, Illinois

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    Default Oreo~~Available English Bulldog for Adoption in Decatur, Illinois

    My name is Oreo. I am 6 years old, but just now starting my LIFE! I’ve lived every day in a miserable place called a puppy mill. I had no idea there was anything in this world beyond the walls of my cage until I was rescued by IEBR along with 7 of my buddies!

    I was terrified after being rescued at first. While life inside my puppy mill cage was sad and lonely, at least I knew what to expect. When I got outside, it was all very overwhelming and scary for me. I’m getting used to it, though, and trusting more and more with each day. I am opening myself up and letting my foster family love me. They are so nice and gentle. I never knew there were people like this! It’s been so wonderful to be loved on by them. I could really get used to it!

    Changes and new environments are especially scary for me because I have virtually no eyesight left. We are hoping we can restore at least a little bit of my vision by doing surgery and giving me twice daily medicine in my eyes. My vision might be too far gone to restore any, but we’re sure going to try! I’m going to get the entropion surgery done after I heal from my spay, etc. The vet said my entropion is “very severe,” whatever that means. All I know is that I can’t see much of anything. I can see a tiny bit, but I still bump into things and have a hard time with stairs, etc.

    I might have something else called luxating patellas in both of my back legs. I must say they are a little sore back there, but at this point I walk around pretty well if I do say so myself. The vet didn’t sound too sure that I would benefit enough from surgery to make it worthwhile, so I think we’re going to leave my legs alone. I trust his judgment, so whatever he says! We’re probably going to confirm his suspicion that this is, in fact, what’s going on in my legs by doing an x-ray. Then we can proceed from there. If I do have luxating patellas, it is something that is painful and causes arthritis. It will get worse over time, unfortunately. Because of this problem, I will be best in a home without many stairs to climb.

    I had some growths on my skin that were removed when I was spayed as well. We are waiting for the pathology report on them to come back. Hopefully they are nothing major. Fingers crossed, please!

    I am heartworm negative, microchipped, and up to date on my shots. Oh, and most importantly, I am SPAYED! No more puppies for this girl!

    Now on to the more important things about me – my personality and good looks! First of all, I am a brindle bombshell. I’ve been told that I am gorgeous. I must say that I am feeling more and more gorgeous with every bit of confidence I am gaining! Nothing builds a girl’s confidence like three foster brothers that swoon over her and compete for her attention day in and day out! It also helps that my foster mom and dad tell me all the time how pretty I am.

    I am timid and very quiet, but they say I am the sweetest and most gentle thing you’ll ever meet. I am a sponge for attention and affection from my people, and I love other dogs too! I’m a lover! The more cuddling the better as far as I’m concerned! Personal space? What personal space? I get more and more comfortable with my foster parents giving me kisses and hugs every day (they give a LOT of them!!!). I’ve made a ton of progress in the short time I’ve been out of the mill. It’s amazing, really! My foster parents tell me every day how proud they are of me and how proud they are of my bravery. They love me and that’s something I’ve never had before. It’s not easy to adjust to life outside of the puppy mill, but boy is it worth it. I am so thankful to be safe, loved, warm, dry, and pampered. I love my new life!


    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
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