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Hello friends! My name is Bubba, aka Lil Bubs, and I'm so happy to meet you! I arrived at CEBR after my family surrendered me to a very nice doctor in Michigan because I was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness called mascitory myositis. Basically, my chewing muscles stopped working and I couldn't open my mouth. It was horrible! I couldn't eat and I lost more than 20 pounds. Unfortunately, because I was untreated for about two months, it is taking me awhile to respond to the steroid treatment, but I am slowly getting the use of my jaw again. I had to be fed by a syringe for awhile but now I can eat all on my own! I'm not fully recovered yet, but I can open my mouth a few inches. I'll stay on steroids until my doctor says I'm all good.

I also have to have entropian surgery in both eyes, as well as my neuter, which is happening next week. But I'm mainly just happy to finally be able to be my regular happy self again so that is all okay. I am just over two years old, and I never really received any kind of training, so I don't really know how to walk on a leash, but I love to do it! If my forever family could take me to some training classes, that would be really great so we can bond together and I can learn how to focus my behavior. I am mainly potty trained and only have occasional accidents overnight. I can't really chew on toys and things around the house right now, but I keep on trying. I will likely need to have a safe place to be when I'm alone where there aren't anythings I can get into. Right now my foster family has an entire room for me with my bed that I get to have when I'm alone and overnight and that works just fine.

I like other dogs and do fine with kids, and I haven't been around a cat, but my foster family says they think I would do just fine. I get nervous in new environments, but I warm up quickly. Sometimes when I get too excited, I start humping, but the longer I've been in my foster home, the less I do this. I do like to bark if my family is home and I can't be near them, or if I want them to play with me. Training would definitely help control this, I think. Mainly, I just need a family that wants to give me the time and attention I would love, and I will give lots of love in return. My forever family will need to monitor my mascitory myositis, as its possible it could return, but if it is caught early, I should respond quickly to treatment. I am pretty little - only about 42 pounds right now, and my forever family will need to help me maintain a healthy weight as well. I'm too tiny to carry extra weight.

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