Hello, Fans -
My name is Denzel Pawshington and I’m a big fan of Denzel Washington’s work as you’ll see demonstrated below. I’m one of the `Magnificent 7’, I mean the Oscar 8! I spent the first nine months of my life at a commercial breeding facility. The facility surrendered me because I was a `Man on Fire’! I’m being dramatic, but my mange was bad; my skin was red and infected. Just when I thought I was `Out of Time’, CEBR showed up. I hopped on the first `Flight’ out of there, well it was really a van. Bulldogs aren’t supposed to fly, silly! It was a long ride — I thought we were going to end up in `Philadelphia’ but it turns out the `Safe House’ aka my foster home is outside of Chicago. I wanted to howl in happiness and `Cry Freedom’!
I came to my foster home in bad shape. I was quickly diagnosed with Pneumonia, Demodex Mange, a secondary skin infection, cherry eye, and an ear infection. Luckily, I was put in isolation at All Pets for a couple of days where I was hydrated and given medication. I then went to my foster home for recovery. I’m happy to say I’m doing quite well. I finished all my medication and I was recently cleared of my Pneumonia. Talk about having `Courage Under Fire’. Once my mange is cleared, I’ll be neutered and have my eye repaired, then I’ll be ready for adoption. I’m going to be `Unstoppable’, folks!

This CEBR foster life is good. My foster parents have a comfy bed and blanket for me in their house. It’s much better than a cage! I really like toys, especially rubber bones. I’m a regular `Bone Collector’ now. I spend a lot of my time lounging on the dog bed and galloping around the house with my toys. My foster sister and I play a bit and then we cuddle. Sometimes I know she’s thinking, `He Got Game’!
Here are some other good things to know about me: I’m making strides with my potty training, I eat well, sleep soundly, and enjoy chasing leaves. I’m basically learning how to be a dog and after just one `Training Day’ I was deemed perfect. Okay, okay, nobody’s perfect. I’d benefit from a training class. I’m just a pup after all and I need to learn basic manners. Don’t worry, I’m not a `Hurricane’ or anything.
My perfect forever would be a home with a flexible schedule, or a home with a dog walker. I love hanging with the family, chewing on toys and taking walks.

I know I have a few more `Fences’ to climb, but I look forward to living my days of `Glory’ soon. Maybe with you?
It’s not goodbye. It’s see you later. `John Q’
Denzel Pawshington

Denzel Pawshington's Story...

In early February 2017, CEBR took in eight beautiful english bulldogs out of the hands of commercial breeders, and into the hands of our loving rescue. Volunteers traveled hundreds of miles to bring these dogs "home".
We like to think of these six girls and two boys as stars of CEBR. The Oscars 8.
Their care will exceed that which we provide our other rescue bullies. These dogs have not had much, if any, care for years. They have not known a gentle hand, a kind touch or soft word. Some have mange (demodex), skin infections, orthopedic issues, hernias, and bladder infections...just to name a few of the ailments we are treating. Their care will cost thousands of dollars and caring for them emotionally will require hours and hours of volunteer time, commitment and love. Please help us support our newest rescues.
You can donate at The Oscars Eight:Stars of CEBR | Chicago English Bulldog Rescue - eBully Boutique.

Update: I've been ADOPTED!

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