Eleanor's Info...

I am already spayed, purebred, up to date with shots, and not good with dogs.
Eleanor's Story...

Hello free world, I am Eleanor and boy am I happy to be living a new life! I was rescued through Operation Harvest Heroes after spending my entire 6 years of life as a puppy mill mama. I was pregnant up until a couple days before my rescue and someone took my babies from me. We’re not sure what happened to them which makes me very sad but luckily I have recovered and am now spayed so I never have to give birth again. I also have a large scar on my back and another on my head that I don’t know how I got, but the humans think maybe it’s from constant rubbing on a crate or getting caught in a fence. My front legs have bowed humorous’ which means that I am a little slow when I walk and while I can do some stairs, it’s probably best I don’t have too many to tackle. The nice doctor said that there isn’t anything they can do surgically, but I’m taking some delicious supplements and fish oil to help strengthen them, along with regular exercise. I’m about 48 pounds, spayed, microchipped and up to date on my vaccines.I’m learning all about walks and while I can’t go very far, I do like seeing new places. These short walks help strengthen my legs and I’m getting better all the time! After spending my whole life in a crate, I am done with those things for good. I figured out how to escape so my foster family doesn’t make me go in it anymore so that I don’t hurt myself during my escape routine and it also makes me happier to not have to go in there. For this reason, I really need a family that has a space that I can call my own that won’t include a crate, but will definitely be gated and bulldog proof as I LOVE chewing. Mostly I chew on these new things called toys, but sometimes I get confused and chew on other things too. Pretty much anything I can get my paws on. My foster parents are teaching me what things I can and can’t chew on, but it’s hard to remember so I just need a gentle reminder occasionally. Where I used to live, we just ate and pottied in the same place, so I’m still learning how to go outside. I definitely need a home where my family can help me with this but I really love treats so with some tasty rewards, I think I can get it eventually. I’m also learning how to get along with other pups. Most of the time I do fine and we’re best friends but sometimes I get protective and don’t like them near me. I probably would prefer to be the only dog as I need a lot of care and attention and I’m not so sure I want to share your time with a dog brother or sister.
Despite having a pretty hard life until now, I am a super happy and sweet girl that just wants to snuggle. I love my humans and get super excited whenever they’re near. I even smile while I’m sleeping if my foster mama or papa are sitting by me. I am super smart (I mean, I figured out how to break out of my crate!) and already have learned some commands like “sit” but I like to please and as mentioned, will do most anything for a treat. I love to play and chew on toys and I learned all about these soft dog beds that I can’t get enough of! They’re so luxurious and comfy!
In addition to a home where I have my own safe space, I also need a home that is willing to continue working on my training. I can do some stairs but probably not more than 6-8 at a time and my future forever family should be able to commit to continue my exercise so I can keep getting stronger. It’s mainly just a short walk each day but even that little bit helps! I also should have a fenced yard since I can’t walk super far and need an outdoor space to potty and play that is near. I have a walker that comes to give me a midday break now so that I’m never home alone for more than 5 hours and that works fine, they just also need to help reinforce positive behaviors such as pottying outside and following commands so I have consistency. I’m not sure about cats as I’ve never been around them and I haven’t been around children either though my foster family thinks I would likely do fine as I am super friendly to all the humans I’ve met and I can’t jump up on them though I would definitely need to be supervised, as any pup would. I would just love a family that is as devoted to me as I promise to be to them as I am so grateful to be living this new life where I get to be cared for instead of just producing puppies for sale. Can you be my forever snuggle buddy?
Our adoption criteria for THIS DOG are as follows:
-Willingness to keep up with all of Eleanor’s training, i.e. commands, chewing, potty
-Willingness to keep up with Eleanor’s supplements: joint supplement and fish oil
-Fenced yard
-An only dog home
-A home with a walker or home all day are both fine
Eleanor's adoption fee $500

Update: I've been ADOPTED!

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