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I am already spayed, purebred, up to date with shots, and good with kids.
Rosie Mae's Story...

Hi! My name is Rosie, and I am a princess (or so I’ve been told!). In real time I am an “elderly” Bulldog…I’m 12! But I still have the energy and exuberance for life that would put most puppies to shame. I love to go for walks, and I can jump into the floor of an SUV…really! I can also easily jump up onto the couch if no one is around (okay, I’ll be honest: I will do it even if someone IS around!).I am in very good health. If there is even a smidgen of arthritis in my old bones, I sure don’t know it. I have no known food allergies, although I have always been blessed with good quality food, which is helpful.
So why am I in need of a new home? Well, to tell the truth I am not sure. My first mom said that I was great. I know I certainly did nothing wrong. It is kind of a mystery. My foster dad thinks that I am wonderful, the easiest “temp” to which to give a home that he has ever had the pleasure…I overheard him laughingly saying that he’s chalking it up to something called “age discrimination”.
I can sleep on the floor of the bedroom very nicely. I have been doing so with my foster dad and he tells me that I do NOT snore. But he does think it funny that I will drag my dog bed away from the corner until it is along side the bed next to where he is laying (all the better to protect him, I think!). And if I wake up in the morning before you, don’t worry: I will quietly and patiently wait for you to wake up and take me out.
I am most excellent about letting the humans know when it is time for them to do their duty and escort me outside, so I can do MY duty. I have NOT had an accident inside in many a year, and that includes the time that I have been here in my foster house. I like to run out for a quick pee right when I get up, then after breakfast I like to take a little “constitutional” walk, if you know what I mean. I can go all do without another break, but then when my humans get home I like, just like in the morning, to go out for a quick pee, with an evening walk after dinner. Then right before bedtime, one more quick pee and I’m good for the night. I do like having a regular routine best.
I have also been told that I am well trained. I walk pretty well on a leash. Before I even get to know you very well I will be happy to obey when you tell me ‘sit’, ‘stay’, etc. My foster dad told me that I adjusted to my new surroundings faster than any other bulldog that he’s hosted, and that I have not given him even one second’s worth of problems (…yet, heh heh!)
Despite my age, I still like to play (keeps me young!), for a little while at least. Then it’s nap time which, to be frank, is how I prefer to spend most of my days.
I am not sure how I will react if I am in a home around other dogs, as I have never had to do that. My foster dad thinks that I will be fine because I do great when I meet other dogs on the street…although to be honest I will say that I prefer that those other dogs not get to close to “my humans” without permission. I am just a little jealous (I do not start any problems, mind you, but I will place myself in between everyone and “talk”). My foster dad says that I also have been great meeting his friends and neighbors, but see, to me “strangers” are just my future new friends. I especially liked my new neighbor Wendy, who is only 2 years old. We had a lot of fun together when we meet…although she does tip over quite easily when nuzzled.
Finally, I will mention the obvious: While, yes, I do still have a lot of strength and flexibility, and I am young for my age, in fact I’m old. “But now the days are short; I’m in the autumn of my years.” And winter is coming.
But that’s okay: I have had a good life. I have loved my people and have been well loved in return. But I do wish that I had not now been left alone. I am not afraid of the end as it approaches, but I do hope not to be alone or with strangers when that time comes.
Well, that’s enough for now. Do you know how hard it is to write with paws and no thumbs? Hard. Besides, the sun is shining bright through the window, and that means that there is a long nap in my immediate future. Today will be One Very Good Day.
Hope to meet you soon!!!

Adoption criteria for Rosie:
Live within CEBR’s Adoption Radius
Have a somewhat consistent daily schedule.

Someone available to play at least once per day.
A compassionate heart; someone who will be there on that day when Rosie most needs someone, to hold her and to love her.

Update: I've been ADOPTED!

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