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Thread: Rhubarb ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL

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    Default Rhubarb ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL


    Rub-a-dub-dub give me a belly rub!

    Yeah, that is my real tongue. And yeah, it’s almost always like that. I know, I know, I get asked that all the time. But come on! How can you resist my innate bulldog charm AND a permanently welcoming tongue? People literally stop me on the street to compliment me!

    My name is Rhubarb. My foster mom says I seem like an old-fashioned kinda gal (just like rhubarb from Grandma’s garden), and that I am all sweet with a little tartness in there for fun. When I do something silly, sometimes she says to me, “Rhu, were you born in a barn?” And I just smile up at her, with my funny eyes and droopy tongue and remind her, “Yes, I was! And CEBR rescued me and I am forever grateful.” Works like a charm. My foster mom can never be upset with me for long.

    I am 4 Ĺ year old and spent all of that time—until the “big rescue”—at a puppy mill where I lived in a cage and had litter after litter of puppies. When I was rescued, I was pretty weak, dirty, and kind of puny, but I am blossoming. I have a new spring in my step and a gleam in my eye.

    I have learned so much since meeting my foster mom. My back legs are stronger, although I have a “low rider” silhouette so I’m never going to go anywhere fast. I have the cutest wiggle in my walk and I have become so much happier that my tail wags now (I didn’t know how to wag it before). I am learning to do stairs. I love, love, love waddling through the grass, stopping to roll in it. I also love belly rubs and my new chew toys (Nylabones and a rope toy).

    My ears, eyes, and tail stay pretty clean with regular maintenance. Because of, you know, THE TONGUE (and because I had to have 15 teeth pulled due to lack of good food in my previous life), I am a messy eater and drinker (you should see the distance I can get on a good bowl of fresh water). I’m learning to eat from an elevated food dish. My foster mom wipes my mouth and chin after meals. Very classy.

    I crave being around people and other animals. I do fine when my foster mom is at work but when she’s gone I like to cuddle by my foster sister. And here’s the thing—the only thing I’m asking—since I spent 4 Ĺ years in a cage, I frankly never want to see the inside of one of those things again. If you happen to forget this, I will let you know with my raspy but persistent bark. That is about the only time I bark, unless I find myself in one room and the rest of y’all are in another room…then I want to be with you!

    And the other thing I should share; I’m working really hard on this whole house-breaking thing. I’m getting the hang of it but would love someone with a consistent schedule and patience when we go outside. I’m not there yet. But I’m trying.

    Overall my foster mom says, “Rhu is one of the sweetest, most laid-back bulldogs I’ve known. She will win anyone’s heart (human or animal). She wants to give love and be loved. Her biggest learning curve is house breaking—and that is happening slowly but surely.”

    Hope to make your acquaintance soon.

    XOXO Rhu

    I've Been Adopted!

    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Chicago English Bulldog Rescue
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