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Thread: Mouse ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL

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    Default Mouse ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL


    Mighty Mouse is in the house!

    Hello everyone, my name is Mouse, but look nothing like a real mouse! I am here to save the day and keep everyone safe, well until it’s time to snore. I am a fawn colored boy who does all of the normal bully things, but I am also large and in charge! I will survey the situation and then decide if all is well for my herd! I’m a portly 75 pounds and if the food isn’t served up quick enough, I will bring you my bowl to remind my foster parents that it’s time! I am 7 years old and have lived in the city most of my life. My human parents moved to some place far, far away called Europe and my sidekick Tug and I couldn’t move with them so here we are! I am current on my shots and CEBR has microchipped me. I am a great walker on a leash, but really think this country living thing is awesome! I like roaming free around the yard and sniffing every plant and weed to find the right one to leave my mark on.

    I am a big strong boy! I have a big, deep wrinkle over my nose that needs daily wiping. I’m a good boy with this and the stuff doesn’t stink too badly either. I like to bark at any noise that is out of the ordinary. If the doorbell rings on tv, I make sure you know I think someone is at the door! I like to sit in the middle of the room and survey the situation. I make sure everyone and every dog is in their place as well. I love following my foster parents as well as those big kids they call teenagers around to make sure I’m not missing anything that is fun or exciting. My foster mom says I’m a bit of a nosey nelly, but I’m just making sure I don’t miss anything cool! I love to play with toys! I act like a puppy when playing with my human foster brothers and sisters because we can rough house a bit and that makes it so much fun. I am big and strong and sometimes don’t know my own strength. I truly am a bull in a china cabinet especially if I’m playing and get all excited, I may plow you over because you are in my way, but really don’t do it on purpose. I like sitting with my foster dad and having him pet me, it makes my day. A good ear rub is just what the doctor ordered.

    I am definitely the alpha dog, so if my forever home has other dogs, then just know I’ll be the one who runs the operation. My previous mom said that I am dog aggressive when I lived in the big city. So far my foster parents haven’t had that issue, but I have made it clear that I’m in charge of the dog herd. I haven’t been in a crowded area since I’ve been in the country, so my foster parents don’t know how I will do around a group of dogs. I do growl at my foster sister if she get’s too close to me or has my toy. I had to lay on her a few times too make sure she got my message. I don’t bite, because my growl and bark are impressive enough. I’ve think I’ve played nice considering I’ve had my world turned upside down. I do startle easily, so just know that quick movements and noises scare me and I bark or growl at whomever is near me. I also like to sample food from all of the food bowls in the house. I know where my food is, but think I should taste all the others’ food and I will eat it if my foster mom doesn’t pick it up.

    My perfect forever home would be where I can be the dog in charge. I’m pretty easy going, but little kids may get in my way when I play. I love all people though and love human attention. I can be left alone for a few hours. I like to go out and walk around mid-day to mark the back yard a bit. Then I’m good for a few more hours.

    I must sign off now, but you can find me lounging in my foster sisters dog bed. After all it is naptime.

    Love to everyone!

    I've Been Adopted!

    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Chicago English Bulldog Rescue
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